Wireless Broadband Network

Widely provided in a broad spectrum of environments. Qualified of being wirelessly deployed in densely lived in metropolitan locations or vast open landscapes. Relatively more economical in comparison to setup up a wired network.

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LTE Cat 12/13 solitary Mode at home CPE

Indoor 2Tx/8Rx CPE support Outdoor coverage & efficiency for 3.5GHz

Fixed heat Broadband

New generation of resolved Line Broadband products. Tailored to meet the varied demands of customers and also highly competitive end products.


Connected Home

ViTA clever Voice Controller deserve to communicate and control every sorts that smart commodities in an pure seamless environment backed by the Gemtek full Coverage Seamless link System.


LoRa IoT Network

LoRa LPWAN wireless communications technology features lengthy distance, high coverage, low power consumption, and low price performances. An energy-efficient green IoT network can be created when substantially an unified with luxury sensors and also smart devices.


Outdoor Micro Gateway

A price effective way to provide full redundancy coverage because that the entire organization area.

Joint Design and Manufacturing

Based on end 17 years of suffer in joint Design and also Manufacturing (JDM), Gemtek offers the most progressed E2E product designs, testing, and customized production solutions based upon different product innovations and complicated system platforms

Gemtek modern technology Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 4906) is a top-notch wireless broadband network agency in Taiwan. Developed in 1988, Gemtek modern technology has lengthy been devoted to the development of wireless technologies and has increased itself to end up being a human being leading finish solutions provider. Gemtek employs a brilliant team of experienced study and advancement professionals, and also is among the couple of manufacturers in Taiwan the offer crucial technologies because that wireless area networks and also broadband network products.

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Gemtek an innovation Co., Ltd.