Out with the old, in v new! since today is the very first of December, and the 2nd month of Gears of war 4"s new cycling map rotation, The Coalition has revealed the two new maps that will certainly be involvement the battlegrounds next week. They"ve to be announced alongside much more general transforms to the game and additions to the season pass in an attempt to add more value to it.

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While last month"s maps weren"t really brand-new — Checkout and Drydock — we"ll actually gain to see two brand new The Coalition innovations this time around. Fly-through videos have actually been released for both the brand-new maps because that players to acquire a glimpse that the new areas or who room looking to start planning your approach and also strategy.The first map, Speyer, to be evacuated long earlier and was therefore able to avoid the heavy damages most urban took throughout the Locust War. It supplies a glimpse in ~ pre-War life, with locations suited because that both close and long-range combat. According to The Coalition, the will additionally be the very first Versus map that consists of the Salvo weapon.
Appropriately called "Glory," the second map is a mystery military fortress and a testimony to the COG"s former might. Over there are plenty of strategic points come hold, among which has a mounted turret the overlooks the courtyard below.
As promised, the relax of two brand-new maps way players will have to say bye-bye to two older people for the time being, including perhaps the most-played Gears of battle map of all time, Gridlock. Gridlock and Relic will both be eliminated from windy playlists as soon as Speyer and Glory are included on December 13th. This will continue on a monthly basis — when two an ext maps are added, two others will certainly be removed.Along v the new maps, The Coalition is publication a basic update. While lock haven"t documented the complete patch notes yet, part tidbits have actually been provided (Update: complete patch notes are here):
A everyday Rewards systemImproved intuitive feedback for damage dealt through the GnasherVertical Split-Screen for windows 10 playersImprovements to footstep audio balance, audio/video settingsA totality lot more!

Some enhancements will likewise be made to the season pass, which has been criticized for no providing sufficient value since the maps can at some point all be played on rotation. Much more credits and also XP will be obtainable in the special Developer Playlist, which is whereby season pass holders gain early access to the maps before everyone else. The Coalition additionally says they room "continuing to look at adding even much more benefits and also value for our Season pass holders in the future."
With this update, Season pass holders will earn extr XP and Credit rewards as soon as playing the Developer Playlist during the week it’s available. Season pass holders will proceed to get early access to new maps (December 6 because that Speyer and Glory), and also have access to every DLC maps permanently for usage in Versus and also Horde private Matches.
The devs have likewise confirmed the return of the popular "Gearsmas" event this vacation season, which will certainly come with brand-new content, vacation heads and "a brand-new Special event featuring a wintery twist on a classic Gears of war weapon." In celebration, Gears of battle 4 will additionally be 33% turn off on the Xbox Live Marketplace for virtually the whole month that December, from this day until December 28th.The new Glory and also Speyer maps will be accessible for season pass holders on Tuesday, December 6th. December 6th is additionally the day to look the end for Title update 2, which will certainly be obtainable to everyone. Glory and Speyer will be accessible to non-season pass holders on Tuesday, December 13th, i m sorry is once Gridlock and also Relic will certainly be gotten rid of from the rotation. If friend missed it, girlfriend can additionally earn bonus XP for participating in the Crossplay Weekend event that beginning tomorrow and also will pit PC and also Xbox players versus each various other for the first time.We"ve acquired the complete list of Gears of battle 4 achievements - inspect the perform for guides to unlocking them.
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