Christian Schaffer sits under with country music legend Garth Brooks that is comes to M&T financial institution Stadium because that a live concert in October

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BALTIMORE, Md. — Tickets go on sale on Friday for among the biggest concerts to pertained to Baltimore in years.

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Garth Brooks will certainly be performing live in ~ M&T bank Stadium top top October 2nd.

He"s to be making and also performing music for an ext than three decades, however Brooks called Christian Schaffer of an excellent Morning Maryland that touring just does not get old.

“The truth is the longer you execute it the more exciting that is. Because nobody gets to do it this long. For this reason you"re an extremely grateful, you"re having actually a the majority of fun and also you sure have been in this business long sufficient to establish - gain every second of this,” Brooks said.

He has actually been come Baltimore prior to - ago in 2015, in ~ Royal farms Arena..

“We had actually never played inside of Baltimore till then,” Brooks said. “So I"m sitting over there in the Comeback Tour, and also they know every indigenous of every verse and also I"m reasoning "Why have actually we not been here prior to this?" for this reason we"re making certain that we"re not lacking it ~ above the stadion Tour. This is walking to be fun.”

The return might have to be sooner; the tour started earlier in 2019. Yet the pandemic had actually other ideas. Brooks’ an initial concert in an ext than a year was earlier this month in ras Vegas.

“Hopefully we didn"t take it it for granted ever before in our lives,” that said. “But there is a level that gratefulness that I have actually never seen. You have the right to see it in the band, in the crew, the artists. You can see it in the civilization who concerned the show.”

It"s been more than 30 years due to the fact that the album "No Fences" spent 23 weeks in ~ number one ~ above the nation charts. So - will it it is in "Friends in short Places" and "The Thunder Rolls" in ~ the residence of the Ravens?

Garth Brooks, claims yes: “I"m a fan, so once I walk to a concert, I involved hear the old stuff. So offer it to me.”

But there is new music together well. The only way to get it every in, Brooks says, is to play longer.

“There"s no time limit on the show,” that said. “We"re going come play all the old stuff and also when girlfriend play all the old stuff they"re a lot much better accepting few of the brand-new stuff.”

It will certainly be a big show, featuring the greatest solo artist in background on a Saturday night in Baltimore. And the volume just could not walk down till the sunlight comes up.

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“When we come to your town, we"re comes to Baltimore we"re going come play method too late. It"s going come be way too loud I"m going to imply you bring a helmet. It"s walking to acquire nuts. That"s the fun part,” Brooks said.