This quick and simple overview will show individuals just how to change the Galaxy Note 7 key-board to somepoint different and even more advantageous. Samsung’s brand-new phone is among the best on the industry, but it’s not perfect, and also now that numerous users are enjoying the Galaxy Keep in mind 7 we’re gaining a lot of complaints about the keyboard and keying suffer.

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As you might currently recognize, multiple key elements of Android gadgets have the right to be readjusted in a matter of seconds by downloading a third party application. Everything from transforming the Note 7 key-board, message message application, dialer or contacts app, web browser, electronic camera, calendar and much more. It’s among the best elements of Android, being able to customize every little thing, and also below we’ll define exactly how.

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The Galaxy Note 7 is a good phone through a huge and also beautiful 5.7-inch Quad-HD screen, sleek bezels, an excellent video camera and more. Whether it’s the initially Keep in mind you’ve ever owned or replacing the Galaxy Keep in mind 5, many type of customers are struggling through the default key-board that comes set up on the phone. This might be the controls, the dimension of the gadget or various other things. Luckily for us it have the right to be adjusted in a matter of seconds, so allows attempt something different favor Google Keyboard or SwiftKey.


Everyone from friends, household, to customers on social media have actually got to out about the Galaxy Note 7 keyboard. For whatever before reason the auto correct is a bit solid and also causing problems, it’s confmaking use of to look at via alternative attributes for each switch, to even the numbers throughout the peak. While many of this is useful and enables owners to execute more, much faster, some don’t choose all it hregarding market.

Most Android manufacturers construct their own keyboard for tools, rather than simply making use of the stock Google Keyboard bundled with Android. However before, owners can still usage Google’s Keyboard, which is my favorite, or among the multiple different 3rd party keyboards easily accessible in the Google Play Store.

Samsung’s stock key-board is fairly powerful and also loaded through features. From predictive text, auto spell inspect, swipe features that deserve to be enabled, a number row up height, layout controls, pen detection and also even more. It has a lot to offer, yet sometimes it isn’t what users prefer, or somepoint straightforward would be even more fitting. If you want to change the Galaxy Keep in mind 7 key-board, here’s exactly how.


As with a lot of things, this have the right to be conveniently and also conveniently adjusted in settings under a minute or two. The first step is heading to the Google Play Store and also downloading any of the different 3rd party key-boards. Google Keyboard is my favorite, SwiftKey is extremely renowned, and even Swype is still roughly for those who’d favor to use it.

Once you download a third party keyboard from the Play Store ssuggest open it and also follow the instructions. Most will walk owners through exactly how to enable the device to check out the key-board, then change the default keyboard as the brand-new one, and allow for some customization. If not though, here are the step-by-action instructions as soon as you’ve downloaded one.

Pull down the notification bar and tap the gear-shaped settings symbol on the peak appropriate, or find the settings app in the application tray. We’ll need to head to Setups > General Management > and then Language & input.


Above is a screenshot reflecting which settings you’ll have to choose to navigate to the keyboard controls. Once in Language & input pick Default Keyboard > Setup input techniques > and allow Google Keyboard, or whichever keyboard you downloaded.

Now tap on Default Keyboard as soon as more, and also select the keyboard you’d like to use as presented listed below.


That’s it, and we’re all done. Now the entire phone and also mechanism will usage the new keyboard rather of Samsung’s constructed in choice. While we’re in the Language & input settings you have the right to additionally tap on Samsung Keyboard, Google Keyboard, SwiftKey or anypoint else you’ve downloaded to access it’s specific settings, customization and also options. Most enable owners to change the look and also feel, include themes, disable auto correct, turn off vibrations or key-board sounds and even more.

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Customize your new keyboard specifically exactly how you’d favor to usage it with the controls and also functions of choice, hit the home vital, and also we’re all done. Now gain an improved keying experience on the Galaxy Note 7.