Erica Mena and ‘Love & i know well Hop Miami’s’ Gabrielle Davis continue To Hurl Insults ~ Fallout end Safaree Samuels

Erica Mena and Safaree Samuels are earlier together after Gabrielle Davis provided receipts that Samuels was accused cheating on Mena with Davis recently.

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But the drama between Mena and Davis who appeared in season 1 of VH1’s Love & i know good Hop Miami still it seems ~ to it is in going strong.

It appears to have started when Mena tweeted Sunday,

“You notice it’s constantly the at sight bitter target hurt females many of the time that case they don’t wanna obtain married.”

Davis seemed to record wind the the tweet and also had a an answer just hrs later.

“Bitter bothered b****es constantly quick to allude a finger like I’m over below minding my business”

“I’m not willing come marry someone that is willing to get married anyone.”

She added,

“….like watching 2 leftovers do the efforts to make a whole meal”

Mena clarified her initial tweet and also wrote,

“I in reality tweeted this off having conversations with females who insurance claim this. You clearly see how hurt and bitter lock are. It’s an instant observation i got and also I know it’s a common one. Sad since deep under you recognize they don’t really mean it.”

Mena climate mentioned Davis and said,

“It’s probably best you be an ext concern on acquiring your green card earlier after getting caught smuggling than you are around me or what i tweet. Gift homeless and also alone in Jamaica has to suck. I’m sure your mind damaged doesn’t help either.”

She added,

“You don’t have a pot to piss in but enjoys watching me and mine.”

She likewise retweeted a fan who chimed in.

She wrapped it increase with,

“Point proven! that the bitter and also butt ache females that feel specifically what I stated they do.”

Their concerns started after Davis not only declared she was Safaree’s sidechick during his engagement to Mena, but detailed alleged text messages.

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Despite the screenshots, Mena and Samuels are relocating forward through plans to wed this year.
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Authored by: Char Patterson
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