The 28 G league teams affiliated v NBA groups participated in the event, through the G league Ignite and also Mexico City Capitanes sitting it out. The Ignite and also Capitanes will be taking part in the NBAGL’s Showcase Cup this fall, yet won’t be component of the 36-game continual season the tips turn off in so late December.

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The an initial player selected in today’s draft was previous St. John’s suggest guard Shamorie Ponds, that was picked by the Delaware Blue Coats, the Sixers‘ G league affiliate. Ponds has a tiny NBA experience, having showed up in four games as a rookie in 2019/20 when on a two-way contract v Toronto.

Among the other significant picks were Nate Darling through the Agua Caliente Clippers that Ontario in ~ No. 5 and also LiAngelo Ball by the Greensboro Swarm in ~ No. 14. Critical week, the Clippers and Hornets signed and also waived Darling and also Ball, respectively, in an initiative to secure your affiliate rights, but were unable to obtain those civil liberties for procedural reasons. The 2 teams had actually to use the breeze to make certain they landed those players.

The Knicks additionally signed and also waived veteran guard Brandon Knight during the preseason and also were unable to gain his affiliate rights as result of a procedural issue. However, Westchester happen on Knight with the No. 4 all at once pick today, and also the Heat‘s affiliate, the Sioux falls Skyforce, snatched that up at No. 6. We’ll watch if knight is no longer in the Knicks’ plans or if the Skyforce intend to trade his civil liberties to Westchester.

Lance Stephenson to the grand Rapids gold (Nuggets) at No. 13 and Dwyane Wade‘s kid Zaire Wade to the Salt Lake City Stars (Jazz) at No. 10 were a couple of the other notable picks that played out together expected.

Here room the complete 2021/22 G league draft results:

Round One:

Salt Lake City Stars (Jazz): Zaire Wade

Round Two:

Delaware Blue Coats (Sixers): Barra NjieCleveland fee (Cavaliers): Jack PagenkopfRio Grande sink Vipers (Rockets): Eric Demers

Round Three:

Fort Wayne mad Ants (Pacers): Will VorheesAustin spur (Spurs): No pickMemphis Hustle (Grizzlies): No pickDelaware Blue Coats (Sixers): No pickStockton kings (Kings): No pickDelaware Blue Coats (Sixers): No pick

Teams will certainly fill the end their rosters through affiliate players, returning-rights players, tryout players, and also players who are assigned come the G organization from the NBA roster (including those on two-way contracts).

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G organization training camps open up on Monday, v the Showcase Cup tournament tipping turn off on November 5.