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What is the song playing during the wedding? "Until we're old and barely breathing. Til fatality do us part"
I can't find the tune from Maya voicing over her letter through the lyrics "so we sit in the silence, acquisition time to resolve down here". You re welcome please help!
Who sings the cover of "I only Want to Be with You" during Bash and also Fatima dancing in ~ the wedding? i can't uncover it online anywhere and Shazam didn't pick it up.
What is the track 6 minutes in as soon as Maya tells Kash she doesn’t think around him and it has actually her voiceover? has the text “so us sit in the silence, taking time to settle down here, clean the noise erase the silence...” or something similar
What is the song at the an extremely end of the episode when Maya is waiting outside and also Duffy tells her her knows?
What is the song with the native “I can stay a thousand light-years” the plays in the first scene?
what is the track at the opening of the wedding which goes choose "i deserve to feel it, i deserve to feel the , emotion better".... ?
what track is playing as soon as craig and zara are learning the tango appropriate after kash decides to perform the sound of music?
What is song playing as soon as Mya watches Kash leaving at the finish of the wedding? "I don't think in love".

S1 · E1 · Kash v a KWhat was the short tune in ~ the end of the church scene? the was less than 1 minute, i dont... More


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