A great place to find things that you didn’t understand you were looking for !! several friendly people... Read much more

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Its open up on Wednesdays and Sundays. If its warm and also sunny, Sundays are worth a walk thru. Many of carnival food vendors., number of fruit and vegetable vendors. Not plenty of outdoor merchants on any Wednesdays. Numerous parking available, several of it is paved, part gravel.I often tend to walk Sundays mornings hoping the find some one of a type deals.My one complain is that the owners tolerate world bringing dogs, particularly the ones that look favor pit bulls on heavy chains. Part inner city people like to display off their nasty mutts.



Good flea industry with fantastic farmers market. Develop was fresh. Parking good. Largely garage revenue stuff with very few new items vendors. Lots of golf clubs, glassware, shoes and old beer and cigar signs. Good available top top site. No fee for join or parking.

Flea market open ~ above Weds. And also Sundays only. Large amount of vendors. Inside and outside tables. Pretty huge assortment the goods and foods. In season veggies and fruits also. Setup on spending a couple of hours to look over offerings.

Not substantial but a great size for a couple hours of wade around. An excellent amount of the end venders and a quite size building with an ext indoors so you deserve to cool turn off on hot summer days. The best part about this flea industry is the produce. That fresh and at really good prices.

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Great selection - close to our home but yet far enough away for it to be a fun day trip!!Not a rutted up field but paved parking lot with broad open walking/strolling/meandering as contrasted to the other big flea industry on the east side that the state.Great vendors inside and also out and THEY HAVE contemporary BATHROOMS!!!!I would rather go here than any type of of the rather in the an ar (75-80 miles)

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