We"re in the endgame now, Fortbyte-wise. Over there are now 84 Fortbytes obtainable in Season 9 ofFortnite: fight Royale, and while there will certainly be 100 in total, we"ve all gained our eyes on one target: 90. That"s once we can complete the Utopia difficulty and unlock the selfhood Skin, a green-tinged warrior the by every accounts looks favor the mecha pilot that will drive our giant robot versus the monster currently swimming about somewhere off the shore of the island. Yet that"s then, and this is now. Read on for a map, guide and also location for Fortbyte #18: discovered somewhere between Mega Mall and also Dusty Divot.

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There isn"t a totality lot of territory to cover between these 2 points the interest, but what is there is relatively dense through both people trying to kill you and also stuff walking on, so points can acquire a little hairy quickly. You"re trying to find a tiny shack simply west the the slipstream station. Here"s where you"re dropping:

Note that this is the terminal for the big, island-spanning slipstream, not the one that just loops approximately Mega Mall. It"s a humble tiny shack compared to the shiny construction all approximately it, however Fortbyte 18 is appropriate inside, prepared to it is in claimed. Here"s what the looks favor on the ground:

Funny story: the first time ns tried to gain this some various other fool controlled to not only screw up mine Fortbyte retrieval however actually regulated to damage my screenshot too. They to be spamming grenades inside the Fortbyte shack, and also so regulated to punch up the whole thing and also render any kind of attempt to display you what it looks favor useless. There"s a particular unspoken etiquette through camping these things, ns "d argue: you"re good to carry out it, however just give civilization time to complete the challenge first. Anything rather is just impolite. This player to be impolite.

And the will execute you. There space two Fortbytes that dropped today, though together usual the various other one simply asks girlfriend to finish 6 challenges from week 9. There are two elimination-themed challenges this week, for this reason it can be a bit complicated to acquire up to 6 in brief order. Yet you"ve obtained a couple of more job to manage it also if you"re trying come get singularity on work one, therefore don"t sweat it.

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I"ve been writing about video clip games professionally for 12 years, and also I"ve been at couchsurfingcook.com for 9. I"m here for review and commentary ~ above PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo move games, and I"m a bit obsessed v Pokemon GO and also Destiny 2. In my spare time I do consulting, and I"ve been obtaining worse at the banjo for quickly 8 year now.