Fortbyte 47 asks you to look between a Reboot Van, pirate camp and a crashed battlebus, which actually translates as "in the woodland edge simply west the Lazy Lagoon". This Fortnite Fortbyte is straightforward pick up as it"s simply out in the open and doesn"t require any type of skins, emotes or various other messing around - just discover it and also pick it up to collect the reward.

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To actually uncover it you need to head here on the map, just west that Lazy Lagoon and also near the forest edge furthest native the water by a pirate camp:

There"s a tiny little of hit and miss to this as the Fortbyte is concealed in among the trees. That provides it tough to glide in, return if you"re doing that at the start of the video game be all set for a bunch of other civilization doing the same. You"re far better off dropping in other places near by to equipment up prior to heading in there after the initial rush from the fight bus.

How ever before you gain there you"ll desire to head come the pirate camp come the west of Lazy Lagoon, together the many prominent nearby landmark, and look roughly the route that leads to and also from it. You most likely won"t watch for lengthy as it"s tough to miss out on a big blue glow floating computer chip just sort the laying about:

Scoop that bad boy up and also you"ve ticked turn off one much more of the 100 essential in complete to complete Fortnite Season 9"s grindy everyday fetch quest. There"s walk to it is in at the very least one new Fortbyte a day according to Epic, who plainly want united state all to pack up and play the game daily from right here on in. Every little thing this will eventually unlock is still a secret but you won"t have the ability to collect Fortbytes after ~ Season 9 for this reason it"s currently or never ever for as long as this season lasts.

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In former lives Leon"s been a scientist, a musician and also teacher, stints that included a shoe full of liquid nitrogen, a little tour the Germany and oh GOD so much marking.

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