Here in week 7 of seakid 9, Fortnite is ago via one more loading display that you unlock if you finish all the week’s difficulties. In it, is hidden a single fight star that will aid you climb the ranks of your fight pass, and the displays have actually been alternating through stars and also Fortbytes eincredibly various other week all seachild.

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This time approximately, we have a loading display screen that functions two brand-new skins that aren’t out yet, and also a area that you can not identify on first glance because it’s so new. It’s not exactly difficult to see wbelow the fight star is if you zoom in here:

The area you’re searching for is the Pressure Plant, the brand-new structure that was developed right into the erupted volcano to harness its magma to generate electrical energy, because that’s apparently a thing that modern technology deserve to carry out in Fortnite land (does this island actually have actually a name? I’ve constantly wondered that).

You are going to the southern finish of the Pressure Plant at the bottom of the “lava dam” component. Seen listed below, you desire to head to those stairs on your left hand side when you get tbelow, as that’s wright here you’ll be looking.


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Thankcompletely, the loading display makes it pretty clear which tier the battle star is on, as we deserve to watch 2 railing over it, and there are just 3 levels to this stairinstance full. That indicates you are going to the initially one, which is where you will discover the battle star, if you’re able to unlock it.



Here’s wright here this place is on the map, if that helps you out any kind of additionally.



Once you acquire the star, Prescertain Plant is not a half negative place to loot to make a actual game out of this, yet be mindful when you’re over tbelow as this is a pretty exposed place.

We just have 3 more weeks of loading displays left, definition 2 Fortbytes and also one more fight star, so make them count. I think week 8’s loading display marks the minute Fortnite’s summer occasion kicks off, according to the shirtless Drift that graces it, though if there’s a surprise Fortbyte there, I have not been able to see it so much.

Anymethod, see you out tright here, don’t kill me if you watch me climbing the stairs.

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