Here in main 7 that season 9, Fortnite is ago with an additional loading display screen that friend unlock if you finish all the week’s challenges. In it, is surprise a single battle star that will help you climb the ranks of your fight pass, and the displays have been alternating with stars and also Fortbytes every various other week every season.

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This time around, we have a loading display screen that functions two new skins that aren’t the end yet, and also a ar that you can not identify on first glance because it’s for this reason new. That not precisely hard to watch where the fight star is if girlfriend zoom in here:

The location you’re searching for is the push Plant, the new structure the was developed into the erupted volcano to harness its magma to create electricity, because that’s reportedly a thing that modern technology can carry out in Fortnite soil (does this island actually have actually a name? I’ve always wondered that).

You room going to the south end of the pressure Plant at the bottom that the “lava dam” part. Viewed below, you desire to head come those stairway on her left hand side when you acquire there, as that’s whereby you’ll it is in looking.

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Thankfully, the loading display makes it pretty clear which tier the fight star is on, as we can see 2 railing over it, and also there are only three level to this staircase total. That means you room going come the an initial one, i m sorry is where you will uncover the battle star, if she able to unlock it.



Here’s whereby this ar is on the map, if the helps you out any type of further.



Once you get the star, pressure Plant is not a fifty percent bad ar to booty to do a real game out the this, however be careful when you’re end there together this is a nice exposed position.

We only have three much more weeks that loading screens left, an interpretation two Fortbytes and one much more battle star, so do them count. I believe week 8’s loading display screen marks the moment Fortnite’s summer occasion kicks off, according to the shirtless Drift that graces it, though if yes a hidden Fortbyte there, I have not to be able to watch it so far.

Anyway, watch you the end there, don’t kill me if you see me rise the stairs.

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