It was a busy week in Fortnite: Battle Royale.

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This week witnessed the begin of a brand new fight pass and also the begin of Seaboy 5, complete with a raft of map transforms, a brand new item class and also Mario Kart-style 4-perkid Golf Carts to enhance the brand new golf locations. Over the past two seasons Epic has actually put the majority of occupational right into the art of the huge day, and also the start of Seakid 5 confirmed just exactly how much the game has come from the relatively undifferentiated map it began with. So currently that we"re food preparation on finding out every little thing that the Seakid 5 battle pass hregarding sell, let"s take a look at just how to deal with all the Week 1 battle pass obstacles and unlock brand-new keys.

As usual, this week came with 2 obstacles that ask you to go to certain places on the map, and also a bunch of other combat-oriented obstacles. Let"s take a look:

And, choose last seachild, you have the right to get a covert complimentary battle star if you complete eexceptionally Week 1 fight pass challenge and then go to the area suggested on the unlocked loading display.

Other than that, we"re still looking via all of what Epic dropped in the huge day on Thursday. For a rundvery own on everything contained in the significant v5.0 patch, inspect out the patch notes here.Many of what was added was pretty noticeable, like the brand-new desert biome, the mountainheight Viking Village, the Golf Carts or the Golf Course, however tright here were some even more subtle changes as well, prefer some shotgun damages adjustment, a nerf to the renowned double-pump strategy and auto-fire options for mobile. We also gained access options that add visual indications for sound results on all platcreates, a boon for deaf players or also just those via the volume dvery own low.

And because it"s a brand-new seakid, we"re also gaining a bunch of new paid skins in addition to the fight pass skins. For a sneak pevaluation of some of what"s coming, check right here.We"ve currently seen the Magnus skin, and also the remainder are likely on their means quickly.

For those looking forward to check out what"s going to adjust via the map and also narrative as we go forward, we have actually a few hints. For one thing, there"s sand also coming out of giant crack in the skies, probably indicating that we"re going to check out an expansion of the desert biome along the lines of the Wild West assets that leaked prior to Season 5 started. There"s additionally been some chatter that tbelow could be a pyramid prospering out of Loot Lake, yet it looks a little even more favor a glitched texture to me.

So stay tuned: there"s a lot even more to come. Epic seems to just be ramping things up for Seakid 5, and we have to check out some brand-new map changes coming as beforehand as this week.

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