Who requirements a room through a view? This time in Fortnite you"re searching down some makechange lodgings with some portholes that are even more wishful thinking than useful: "Containers through windows".

Not just perform you have to track down these elusive places, however you need to collect chests from them also. This implies that you don"t have a 100% opportunity of finding a chest eincredibly time, so you"re most likely going to need to come earlier multiple times throughout multiple games.

Let"s obtain this out of the way. The containers do not really have actually home windows, just painted on sprays, so do not be confused.

There are 6 containers with home windows that we"ve uncovered in complete, and also here"s wright here you should go!

Search chests inside containers via windows

We"ve noted all of the places where you have the right to discover containers with home windows in the table listed below, and also noting them on the map:

Containers with home windows locationsMap Reference
South of Paradise PalmsI9
Tright here are 2 in the vicinity of the old Flush Factory area, one in the middle, one in the southE9
South of Dusty DepotF6
Tbelow are two stranded in the Lava River south of Prescertain PlantH4


Container through windows - South of Paradise Palms

The first container with windows that you deserve to uncover is in the junkyard to the southern of Paradise Palms and also the racetrack location where you discover a graffiti-covered billboard. Just follow the road south down towards the edge of the map and it"s on the eastern side.


On the northern side of the little area, alongside the structure, you"ll find the container.


Containers with windows - Flush Factory

You have the right to find 2 containers through windows in the southwest of the map, down wbelow Flush Factory provided to be in what"s now the Snowy location. It"s to the northwest of Lucky Landing - but a lot further up than the Gas Station tright here - and northeast of Happy Hamlet.


The first one is between the 2 walled factory locations.


While the second one is inside the bottom part of the southerna lot of structure in the southerly walled factory area.


Containers through windows - South of Dusty Depot

There"s yet one more windowed container to the south of the freshly represented Dusty Depot. To acquire there you deserve to head west from Mega Mall - probably after you"ve sprayed a Fountain tright here for that challenge.


It"s high up on peak of a pile of various other containers, so you"ll either have to build up to get to it, or swoop dvery own directly from the fight bus!


Containers through Windows - lava river southern of Pressure Plant

Finally, you can find 2 even more stranded on the lava river to the south of Prescertain Plant.


The initially is nearly directly south of the plant, in the middle of a larger, rocky platcreate.


The second one is a tiny to the southwest on a smaller island.

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Both have actually a big pirate spray on the side as well.


For your next obstacle, why not visit the Durrr Burger head, dinosaur and also Stone Head statue?

The Spray and also Pray missions are also live, so check out wright here to find some shed spray cans, all the gas terminal areas and also wbelow to discover graffiti-covered structures.