Who demands a room with a view? This time in Fortnite you"re hunting down some makeshift lodgings v some portholes the are much more wishful reasoning than useful: "Containers v windows".

Not only do you need to track down these elusive locations, however you need to collect chests native them as well. This means that girlfriend don"t have a 100% possibility of detect a chest every time, so you"re more than likely going to have to come earlier multiple times across multiple games.

Let"s obtain this out of the way. The containers don"t really have windows, simply painted top top sprays, therefore don"t it is in confused.

There are 6 containers through windows the we"ve found in total, and also here"s wherein you need to go!

Search chests inside containers through windows

We"ve provided all that the areas where you can discover containers with windows in the table below, as well as marking castle on the map:

Containers with windows locationsMap Reference
South of paradise PalmsI9
There room two in the vicinity that the old Flush factory area, one in the middle, one in the southE9
South the Dusty DepotF6
There room two stranded in the Lava River southern of push PlantH4


Container through windows - southern of heaven Palms

The an initial container v windows the you can uncover is in the junkyard to the southern of paradise Palms and the racetrack area whereby you uncover a graffiti-covered billboard. Simply follow the road south down towards the edge of the map and it"s top top the east side.


On the northern side of the little area, beside the building, you"ll discover the container.


Containers with windows - do the washing up Factory

You can find two containers through windows in the southwest of the map, down whereby Flush manufacturing facility used to be in what"s now the Snowy area. It"s to the northwest of happy Landing - yet much more up 보다 the Gas station there - and northeast that Happy Hamlet.


The very first one is between the 2 walled manufacturing facility areas.


While the second one is within the bottom part of the southernmost building in the southern walled manufacturing facility area.


Containers through windows - south of Dusty Depot

There"s yet one more windowed container come the southern of the freshly reintroduced Dusty Depot. To get there you can head west from Mega shopping center - probably after you"ve sprayed a Fountain over there for that challenge.


It"s high increase on height of a heap of other containers, therefore you"ll either have to construct up to get to it, or swoop down right from the battle bus!


Containers through Windows - lava river southern of push Plant

Finally, girlfriend can find two much more stranded top top the lava flow to the south of push Plant.


The very first is practically directly southern of the plant, in the middle of a larger, rocky platform.


The 2nd one is a little to the southwest top top a smaller island.

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Both have actually a large pirate spray on the next too.


For your next challenge, why not visit the Durrr citizens head, dinosaur and stone Head statue?

The Spray and Pray missions are also live, so check out wherein to discover some shed spray cans, every the gas terminal locations and where to uncover graffiti-covered buildings.