Last minute flight deals from san Diego to mountain Jose International

Feeling spontaneous? It’s never ever too late to book a trip. This is our pick of the best last minute flights.

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Direct flights from san Diego to san Jose International

Want to paris non-stop to mountain Jose International? We’ll assist you find your appropriate route.


DoubleTree by Hilton mountain Jose



La Quinta through Wyndham mountain Jose Airport



COVID-19 travel limitations are an altering fast, but we're below to assist you find the advice friend need. Inspect our live web page on travel limitations to view if you have the right to travel from san Diego to mountain Jose International, and if you'll should quarantine ~ above arrival.
The best price uncovered on for a trip from mountain Diego to san Jose worldwide is $65. This was uncovered by aggregating across different carriers and also is the cheapest price for the whole month.
flying from the peaceful shores of mountain Diego to the heart of Silicon valley in san Jose is an easy trip with the info that you’ll acquire from us at Flights follow me this course are consistent and also priced come sell. Going indigenous the seashore of mountain Diego to the productive Silicon valley hub of san Jose is a trip that many people make for business, and then make the reverse trip for vacation.

What airlines Fly This Route?

To fly from san Diego global Airport to san Jose worldwide Airport, you deserve to buy a ticket native Virgin America, Alaska Airlines, Delta, Southwest, and also American Airlines. Depending upon which transport you pick and when you book your flight, you may need to have actually a layover, though there space nonstop flights if you are vigilant through your usage of ours mobile app.

Where will certainly I Depart From?

You’ll be departing native the san Diego international Airport’s Terminal 1, or Terminal 2 if she flying with Virgin America or American Airlines. Getting between terminals is simple via world mover, and you’ll obtain to watch some cool artwork ~ above the walls pretty much everywhere.

If you’re boring while waiting for her departure, try checking the end the Sunset Cove dining and also shopping area in Terminal 2, wherein there is a sky lounge open to the public. The skies lounge has a kind view, and also it’s frequently quieter 보다 the noisy and also busy key terminal area whereby the shops and also restaurants are located.

What’s in ~ The Landing Terminal?

San Jose worldwide Airport will have any kind of feature you could feel like you’re in need of, however there’s nothing specifically special to inspect out. If friend haven’t booked your hotel yet, you can stay at the airport’s hotel or usage our hotel recognize toolto discover accommodations in the Valley.

You should rent a car from the rental hub at mountain Jose, or spending plan to invest a big amount of money on making use of ridesharing apps. Public transport in Silicon valley isn’t effective, and virtually everyone counts on cars to obtain around, which way that you will do it be disabled if girlfriend don’t have one.

The exemption to this rule is if you arrangement to only stay in the area approximately downtown mountain Jose, i beg your pardon is walkable and also has enough public transit coverage to acquire by. Just remember that in the Valley ranges tend to be long and also cities often tend to sprawl extensively.

How Are various Are san Diego and San Jose?

The aforementioned sprawl is the biggest difference that you’ll notification between mountain Diego and San Jose. San Diego no the most compact city, yet travel time within the city often tend to it is in short, and there’s even a chance that you might walk to her destination.

Not the instance with mountain Jose. Mountain Jose is a sprawling exurb, with most destinations far from the downtown area. Price wise, though mountain Diego isn’t the cheapest city, you will do it probably finish up payment a small bit much more for every little thing in san Jose, so setup accordingly.

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On the glowing side, san Jose’s moneyed techie population provides for plenty of excellent culinary opportunities ranging indigenous food van to ethnic cuisine stands, therefore be sure to take benefit of the food—especially the mexican fare—while she there.