The year 1953 was the last year that the US printed the 5 dollar silver certificates. Many of these silver certificates are reasonably widespread and there is nopoint unique around the style. These bills were published in 3 various years, so there were 3 various series: 1953, 1953A, and 1953B. Each series is equally as common. In enhancement tright here are star notes for each array and also just the 1953B star note is rare. Read below to learn even more indevelopment around these bills and what the existing worths are.

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Denomination:$5.00 UNITED STATE Dollar
Type:Silver Certificate
Portrait:Abraham Lincoln

These bills just aren"t as old as some of the other five dollar silver certificates. Most of them offer for around $12 each in exceptionally fine problem. In uncirculated problem the price is roughly $27.50 for bills through an MS 63 grade. The earlier 1934 5 dollar silver certificates have actually a comparable price array.

If your bill is a star note then it will certainly be worth a little more money. Star notes are simply notes through a star before the serial number. If you have actually a 1953B star note then it deserve to be rather practical. Keep reading to learn even more around star notes.

Star Notes


Each different series has actually a star note variation. The widespread star note series are the 1953 and also 1953A star notes. Bills from these series each market for roughly $30-35 in incredibly fine condition. In uncirculated problem the price is around $95 for bills via an MS 63 grade.

The only rare star note is the 1953B 5 dollar silver certificate star note. Over three million of these bills were published, but somehow fewer than 400,000 got in circulation. In extremely fine condition the value is about $750.

Note: Valuable bills have to be placed inside money holders.

Grading System

Very fine- A note that has actually remained in circulation but not for a lengthy time. The note is still fairly crisp. There might be some creases, folds, or light smudges.

MS 63 choice uncirculated- A note that mirrors no indications of ever having remained in circulation. The note still has its original crispness. The note is also well-centered.

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These notes are reasonably old, however they simply aren"t incredibly helpful because the style is ordinary and many type of of them were published. But if you"re lucky sufficient to have a 1953B star note, then your note might be worth most money.


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