The year 1953 to be the last year the the US published the 5 dollar silver certificates. Most of these silver certificates are relatively common and also there is nothing special around the design. This bills were printed in three various years, so there to be three different series: 1953, 1953A, and also 1953B. Each collection is equally together common. In addition there space star notes because that each selection and just the 1953B star note is rare. Read listed below to learn an ext information about these bills and also what the existing values are.

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Denomination:$5.00 U.S. Dollar
Type:Silver Certificate
Portrait:Abraham Lincoln

These bills just aren"t as old as few of the other 5 dollar silver certificates. Many of them offer for roughly $12 every in very fine condition. In uncirculated problem the price is about $27.50 because that bills through an ms 63 grade. The earlier 1934 5 dollar silver- certificates have a comparable price range.

If your bill is a star note then it will be precious a little much more money. Star note are just notes through a star before the serial number. If you have a 1953B star note then it have the right to be rather valuable. Keep analysis to learn much more about star notes.

Star Notes


Each different series has a star note version. The common star note collection are the 1953 and also 1953A star notes. Bills from these series each offer for around $30-35 in an extremely fine condition. In uncirculated problem the price is roughly $95 because that bills with an multiple sclerosis 63 grade.

The only rare star keep in mind is the 1953B five dollar silver- certificate star note. Over 3 million of this bills to be printed, yet somehow fewer 보다 400,000 went into circulation. In very fine condition the worth is approximately $750.

Note: valuable bills must be inserted inside currency holders.

Grading System

Very fine- A keep in mind that has been in circulation yet not for a long time. The keep in mind is still relatively crisp. There may be part creases, folds, or light smudges.

MS 63 an option uncirculated- A keep in mind that shows no indications of ever having remained in circulation. The keep in mind still has actually its original crispness. The note is additionally well-centered.

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These note are reasonably old, yet they simply aren"t very valuable because the architecture is plain and also many of them to be printed. But if you"re lucky sufficient to have actually a 1953B star note, then her note could be precious a lot of money.


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