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Publisher"s Note: assets purchased from third Party sellers room not guaranteed by the publisher because that quality, authenticity, or accessibility to any type of online entitlements included with the product.The essential situation companion to an initial Aid because that the® USMLE action 1400 high-yield casesFirst Aid™ situations for the USMLE action 1 attributes 400 well-illustrated situations to help you relate straightforward science principles to clinical situations. Each instance includes illustrations or clinical pictures with Q&As the reinforce vital concepts. Chapters are keyed come Tao Le"s first Aid because that the USMLE step 1 permitting you to simultaneously study cases and high-yield facts.Content that spans the whole exam:General Principles,Behavioral Science,Biochemistry,Microbiology and Immunology,Chapter 4. Pharmacology,Organ Systems,Cardiovascular System,Endocrine System,Gastrointestinal System,Hematology and also Oncology,Musculoskeletal System and Connective Tissue,Neurology and Psychiatry,Renal System,Reproductive System,Respiratory System.

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Tao Le, MD, MHS is Assistant Clinical Professor that Pediatrics in the division of Allergy and Immunology at university of Louisville. The is likewise affiliated through the division of Allergy and Immunology in ~ The Johns Hopkins University school of Medicine. The lead student writer is James S. Yeh, MD.

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Reviewer: Bruce Don Dubin, perform (Rocky Vista university College of osteopathic Medicine)Description: This study guide for the level one national board examinations compelled of clinical students is not intended as a substantial review, yet rather together an adjunct that supplies a patient-case style to assist students know the clinical paper definition of the material.Purpose: used in connect with other study guides, this book will aid medical student in understanding the clinical relationship of the straightforward science material. The will considerably assist student in preparing for the case vignettes commonly used top top the nationwide boards and in great examinations.Audience: although intended for medical students in ~ the end of their second year in preparation for their board studies, this book additionally will offer as a nice evaluation of basic science ethics prior come third-year clinical rotations.Features: This publication provides clinical correlations for the simple science extended in the first two years of medical school. The clinical vignettes space concise and to the point, and serve together nice points of referral to aid medical students in understanding the clinical relationship of the general simple science ethics they are studying.

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Assessment: as an adjunct to typical board examine materials, this publication will be a helpful asset in board preparation and will enhance clinical expertise and far better retention of an easy science principles.