Suggested level: 11

Group: Secondary Quests

Location: Novigrad

To start this quest, speak to Lussi, who you will discover on the bridge causing the temple island. She will certainly ask you to aid her drive out the monster haunting her house.

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After Geralt and Triss raided your outpost and also killed Menge, the witch hunters chose to specific revenge ~ above mages and freaks of all kinds. The city swarmed with equipped units looking for anyone with slightly pointy ears or a noise of the occult around them.

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LussiVelen / Novigrad

WalterVelen / Novigrad

Fritz"s HouseVelen / Novigrad

1. Get in the woman"s home and get rid the the danger. / defeat the guards.

Follow the mrs to she house. When you gain inside, you"ll establish there space no monster there, just two witch hunters (11) who will attack you. As soon as you death them, Lussi will apologize for fooling you and tell you about the concealed treasure that have to make it as much as you. She"ll provide you among the three tricks you should open the safe where the sweetheart is. You"ll have actually to get the remainder of the keys on your own.

Start by browsing the body of the hunters. You"ll find a warrant in them. Review it and also you"ll discover out around the other human being who should have the keys - Walter and Fritz.


WANTED: three bandits in possession that magic contraband. Objects room dangerous, banned, to be ruined immediately.

Lussi, well-known as the Fox. Hiding on holy place Isle, near the bridge.

Fritz, hiding close to the Crooked House.

Wallter, last watched in the Lacehalls, near the Putrid Grove.

Bandits room to be arrest or, if lock resist, eliminated where lock stand.

2. Discover the various other partners stated in the note and look for keys. 1/3

Go come the location where Walter have to be. When you get there, you"ll watch Walter banging on the door of among the houses and two witch hunters (12) walking in the direction of it.

If you death the witch hunters before they strike Walter, he"ll offer you the key. If you don"t do it and Walter dies, you"ll discover the crucial in his corpse.

Then walk to Fritz"s House. You"ll find the body on the reduced floor. It"s Fritz, who"s to be dead because that a quite some time.

Go up to the top floor and also ignite the torch you discover there. Once you do that, the i to the an enig room will open.

On the table in the covert room girlfriend will discover the last of three keys.

3. Uncover the safe the three tricks go to.

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The for sure is in the same secret room in Fritz"s home as the key. Unlock it, take its contents and the quest will end.