WARNING: This blog article contains spoilers. But, of course, that"s kind of the point.

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We chose to handle the Fifty Shades of Grey series one book at a time and also give everyone chapter-by-chapter summaries and also critique. We"re going to check out Fifty Shades the Grey... So friend don"t have actually to.

We"re still a little bit traumatized from chapter 8, therefore bear through us. It"s the morning ~ - Ana wakes up at Christian"s apartment and EL James develops yet again the he"s yes, really super gorgeous and his apartment is really huge because he"s yes, really rich. Ana decides to do breakfast in Christian"s huge kitchen. Even though she makes a large breakfast, she doesn"t really desire to eat any and also they again have actually the conversation about not wasting food. He wants her to stay an additional night, but she insists on being home by the evening. The decides the they should proceed her "basic training" and also move onto "oral skills". She speak to Kate ~ above the phone, that grills her around the sex (even though she must recognize that she"s still there through him and also therefore it"s sort of shitty to intend her to talk around it in prior of him, however that"s Kate because that you). Climate Ana and Christian talk about the non-disclosure covenant - she wants to be able to talk to Kate around some inquiries she has about sex, but he states she deserve to just ask him instead. They take it a bath and she offers her very first ever blowjob, i m sorry is additionally apparently the best blowjob mankind has ever seen. Then, also though she tho hasn"t agreed to the "arrangement" or signed the paperwork, he binds her wrists with one of his grey silk ties, bites she toes (huh?), goes down on her and also has sex v her one an ext time. Then there are voices exterior the bedroom door and Christian states "Shit, it"s mine mother!"
Sexiness aspect
(scale of 1-10): -2.17 (Trust us, we did the math.)Appearances through Ana"s subconscious, inside goddess and also other invisible friends: 7I feeling a tiny sore, if I’m honest, and my muscles – jeez, it’s like I’ve never ever done any kind of exercise in mine life. You don’t do any exercise in your life, mine subconscious has actually woken. She’s staring at me through pursed lips, tapping she foot. So you’ve just slept through him, provided him her virginity, a man who doesn’t love you. In fact, that has an extremely odd ideas about you, desires to do you some sort of kinky sex slave. Space YOU CRAZY? She’s shouting in ~ me.Ah, the return of Ana"s bitchy subconscious. We"re no at every surprised the Ana and her subconscious would use a retro phrase like "give him your virginity", yet once again it"s frustrating that EL James can"t define Ana"s combined emotions about choosing to have sex because that the very first time with a facility guy favor Christian without falling back on the lazy and also just level weird alternative of having her subconscious yell at her about it.My subconscious scowls at me… fucking – not lovemaking – she screams at me favor a harpy. I overlook her, yet deep under I know she has a point.My inside goddess is law the merengue v some salsa moves.So her subconscious is always yelling at her and her within goddess is always dancing. Wonder if they ever talk to each other. Or maybe later on in the book they"ll run together. It"d be nice to watch a tiny duet. Also, why is she law merengue and also salsa? She couldn"t decide on one Latin dance? What, no bachata? It"s not prefer ELJ knows the difference anyway.From currently on we"re always going to photo Ana"s inside goddess like this:

Plot Holes, truth Checking Fails, and Just plain Old negative Writing:It’s a beautiful may morning, Seattle at my feet. Wow, what a view. Alongside me, Christian Grey is fast asleep. Wow, what a view. Close up door UP.I to be daunted by his kitchen. It’s for this reason sleek and modern and no one of the cupboards have handles. The takes me a few seconds to deduce that I need to push the cupboard doors to open up them. When again EL James knows how to offer us every the sexy details that we"re looking for. We can"t wait to discover out what sort of countertops he has, or obtain an erotic summary of his flatware pattern!I find two welcome hair ties in ~ the exact same time in my bag and also quickly tie mine hair in pigtails. Correctly! The much more girly i look maybe the much safer I’ll be from Bluebeard.

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<...>In a moment, he’s alongside me. That gently pulls my pigtail. “I love these,” that whispers. “They won’t defend you.” Hmm Bluebeard…We gambling there space psychology student writing entire term papers around this passage together we speak.“How would certainly you favor your eggs?” ns ask tartly. He smiles. “Thoroughly whisked and also beaten,” he smirks.Shut up, Christian.“Would you like some tea?” “Yes, please. If you have actually some.” I find a pair of plates and also place lock in the warming tray that the range. Christian reaches into a cupboard and pulls out part Twinings English Breakfast tea. Ns purse my lips. “Bit the a foregone conclusion, wasn’t I?”They offer Twinings in every grocery keep in America and also English Breakfast is just one of the most generic well-known teas, but okay, we gain it...he knew she would remain over, so he purposely bought several of her favorite tea, due to the fact that he"s super dreamy or whatever.“I’ve never had actually vanilla sex before. There’s a lot come be said for it. But then, probably it’s because it’s through you.” He runs his thumb throughout my reduced lip. I inhale sharply. Vanilla sex?“Come, let’s have a bath.” that leans down and also kisses me. My love leaps and desire pools way down low… method down there.If Ana"s still making use of mature adult phrases prefer "down there" to define her feeling it"s not too surprising the she doesn"t understand what vanilla sex means.Oh! transforming to face him, I’m shocked to discover he has actually his erection firmly in his grasp. My mouth drops open.“I want you to become well acquainted, on an initial name state if you will, with my favorite and most cherished component of mine body. I’m really attached to this.” It’s so big and growing. His erection is above the water line, the water lapping in ~ his hips.There"s something therefore hilarious around E together James" make the efforts at paint a sexy scene. It"s so huge and growing! possibly it"s simply us yet there"s something yes, really corny around the method he talks about his penis. They room going to it is in on an initial name terms? but he never even tells us its name. What is the name!? small Christian? Grey Love Machine? Yes, we understand those space horrible however we resent ELJ for making united state spend also five seconds thinking about this... That being said, if you have much better and funnier surname suggestions, leave them in the comments. And also he"s "very attached" come it... We certain hope so! uneven it"s a detachable penis. (And if friend now have that song playing in your head...you"re welcome.)Also, let"s speak logistics below for a second - exactly how is it that the water is only at his hips and also his dick is over the water line? There are two of them in the bathtub... Exactly how low go he fill it that they deserve to sit together in the tub and his hips and penis aren"t submerged? us tried to reenact this with a Ken and also Barbie in a butter food for clinical purposes, but the outcomes were inconclusive due to the fact that Ken has no penis.He releases my hand, leave me to continue alone, and also closes his eyes together I move up and also down his length. The flexes his hips slightly right into my hand and also reflexively I master him tighter. A short groan escapes indigenous deep within his throat. Fuck mine mouth… hmm. Ns remember him pushing his ignorance in mine mouth and asking me come suck, hard. His mouth drops open up slightly together his breath increases. I lean forward, while he has his eyes closed, and place mine lips roughly him and also tentatively suck, to run my tongue over the tip. This has no chance of gift remotely sexy come us since all we deserve to think about in analysis this section is how horrible his prick must taste appropriate now. Why? because of all of this we read earlier in the chapter:He pours part expensive-looking bathtub oil into the water. That foams as the bath fills and also smells of sweet sultry Jasmine.<...>I smile at him and reach because that the body wash, squirting some soap onto my hand. I carry out as he’s done, lathering the soap in my hands till they room foamy. The bathtub is filled v bath oil and also body wash, which she just used to suds increase his penis prior to putting it in her mouth. Our mouths space burning just thinking about it. (Let"s be charitable and ignore the reality that Ana had actually to follow Christian"s example to number out how soap works.)Hmm… he’s soft and hard at once, prefer steel encased in velvet, and surprisingly tasty – salty and also smooth.No. Us don"t think that. There"s no method it still tastes "salty". It tastes prefer jasmine bathtub oil and also body wash and also we all recognize it. Sure hope Christian is willing to let Ana have another thrilling experience using his toothbrush after every one of this.My tongue swirls about the end. He’s my really own Christian Grey smell popsicle. The next time who tries come tell you just how sexy these publications are, quote the popsicle line earlier to them. And also we realize we"re harping top top this point, however we really doubt the popsicles would be the an initial thing to pertained to our minds if we were in the middle of offering the oiliest, soapiest blowjob of all time. We additionally doubt that "enjoying a guy popsicle" is going come shoot to the top of the list of popular euphemisms for dental sex anytime soon.He cries out and also stills, and I can feel warm, braided liquid oozing down my throat. I swallow quickly. Ugh… I’m no sure about this.We"re not specifically turned turn off by the taste and/or texture of semen, but EL James really uncovered a completely unappealing method of explicate it. If you"re trying to compose something erotic the word "oozing" should more than likely be turn off the menu. We"re likewise honestly a little surprised the Ana would swallow, given that she"s never even seen a penis prior to this weekend.“Don’t you have a gag reflex?” the asks, astonished. “Christ, Ana… that was…. Good, yes, really good, unanticipated though.” that frowns. “You know, you never ever cease to amaze me.” i smile and also consciously bite mine lip. He eye me speculatively. “Have friend done the before?” “No.” and I can’t help the small tinge of proud in my denial. “Good,” he says complacently and, i think, relieved. “Yet an additional first, miss Steele.”Oh, there"s simply so much to question here. Just how is it exactly that she doesn"t have a gag reflex? and also how is it possible that she has never also seen a penis before last night, however she can give an skilled blow job? Really? room we an alleged to think this? Without any type of instruction or guidance indigenous Christian at all... She"s the good? ns guess we"re just an alleged to think that this is her inner goddess at work, or the their amazing epic love is already so strong that she simply subconsciously knows just how to please him.And why is he therefore happy around the fact that she hasn"t done that before? just the night prior to he was cursing and yelling at she for not informing him the she was a virgin, however now he"s psyched that she"s never sucked a penis before? consist of your mental Christian Grey! and is it simply us or do we detect a little tinge that slut-shaming in Ana"s "small tinge of proud in my denial" line?Also, when we"re type of ~ above the object of eat (well, swallowing at least...okay, we"re not on the topic at all however we wanted to mention it when we"re thinking of it)...there"s currently been so numerous references to her not eating and also to Christian do the efforts to do her complete her food in past chapters the we"re starting to wonder if she actually has actually an eat disorder. Her name is even "Ana"! (Spoiler alert: this surname coincidence only gets weirder later in the book.)Holy shit. The grabs my left foot, bends mine knee, and also brings my foot approximately his mouth. Watching and assessing my every reaction, that tenderly kisses each of my toes then bites each one of them softly top top the pads. Once he get my tiny toe, that bites harder, and I convulse, whimpering. The glides his tongue up my instep – and also I deserve to no much longer watch him. It’s also erotic. I’m going come combust. Ns squeeze my eye shut and shot to absorb and also manage all the emotion he’s creating. The kisses mine ankle and also trails kisses up my calf to mine knee, stopping just above.It"s official. EL James has a point for feet. Again, no judgment, we"re simply observing.I to be panting and vaguely hear the rip the foil. An extremely slowly the eases into me and starts to move. Oh… my. The emotion is sore and also sweet, and bold and also gentle all at once. It s okay wait, previously in the chapter he specifically stated that they weren"t going to have actually sex since she was sore, so they were simply going to emphasis on "oral skills". Currently he"s going to have actually sex with her after all? and without also really warning she (unless you counting vaguely hearing the rip of silver paper a "warning") or asking her if it"s okay or if she"s also sore? exactly how lovely.BDSM Analysis:
“The NDA, does it cover everything?” ns ask tentatively.“Why?” the turns and gazes at me while placing the Twinings away. Ns flush.“Well, I have actually a few questions, friend know, around sex.” i stare down at my fingers. “And I’d prefer to questioning Kate.”“You deserve to ask me.”“Christian, with all early out respect…” my voice fades. I can’t asking you. I’ll obtain your biased, kinky-as-hell, distorted world view regarding sex. I desire an impartial opinion. “It’s just about mechanics. Ns won’t mention the Red Room of Pain.”Even despite this conversation wasn"t explicitly about BDSM, we uncovered it problem as much as it pertains to their pending "agreement" and also relationship. She can"t possibly offer informed consent if the won"t also let her gain information around sex first. Truthfully, she should be informing herself about BDSM together well, but he won"t even let her talk to she roommate/best friend about general sex questions? This is no a great start come a healthy relationship. (No talk about Ana"s continued use that the ridiculous expression "Red Room the Pain".)Say yes,” he whispers fervently.I frown, no understanding.“To what?”“Yes come our arrangement. To gift mine. Please, Ana,” that whispers, emphasizing the critical word and also my name, pleading. He kisses me again, sweetly, passionately, before he stands ago and stares at me, blinking slightly. He takes my hand and leads me ago to his bedroom, leaving me reeling, so i follow the meekly. Stunned. The really desires this.Again, he"s pressuring she to authorize the commitment - which would certainly make she his submissive - without even giving she a possibility to number out just how she feels around the situation. She"s just just had sex because that the very first time ever and she still has no endure or knowledge around the BDSM elements of sex...and this is claimed to it is in romantic? It"s predatory and creepy and wrong.“Trust me?” he asks suddenly. I nod, wide-eyed through the suddenly realization that I carry out trust him. What’s that going to carry out to me now? An electrical thrill hums v me.“Good girl,” the breathes, his ignorance brushing mine bottom lip. He procedures away right into his closet and comes ago with a silver-grey silk woven tie.“Knit your hands together in former of you,” that orders together he peels the towel off me and throws it on the floor.I execute as the asks, and he binding my wrists in addition to his tie, knotting the firmly. His eyes are bright through wild excitement. The tugs in ~ the binding. It’s secure. Okay, this book makes no fucking sense. That went on and also on around how he wouldn"t touch her until he had actually the signed paperwork, however then they had sex every night. Currently he"s actually going to tie she up, even though she tho hasn"t signed shit and they haven"t even discussed it first. She has actually no safe word - she doesn"t even know what a for sure word is - and knowing her, she most likely wouldn"t even speak increase if she wasn"t okay with what was going on. (Also, he"s an skilled dom with a totality room complete of toys and tools... And also he"s going to usage a presumably high-quality silk tie to bind her wrists? What is this, Cosmo?) We recognize where EL James is going with this - Christian is breaking every one of his rules because Ana is different and also special and also they"re already totally fall in the truest love that ever before loved. Yet what comes across to us is just that Christian is a horrible dom.Collapsing on optimal of me, i feel his full weight forcing me into the mattress. Ns pull my tied hands end his neck and also hold that the finest I can. I recognize in that moment that ns would do anything for this man. Ns am his. The wonder the he’s presented me to, it’s past anything I might have imagined. And also he wants to take it it further, so much further, to a place I can’t, in my innocence, even imagine. Oh… what to do?He leans up on his elbows and stares down at me, gray eyes intense.“See how an excellent we are together,” that murmurs. “If you give yourself to me, it will be so lot better. To trust me, Anastasia, I can take you places you don’t also know exist.”