No issue how amazing the game is, nobody likes to proceed when the gameplay is continuously being interrupted by errors. Last Fantasy XIV is just one of the famous games among game enthusiasm all approximately the world.

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The video game is well built and the servers are constantly maintained for gamers to have actually a exorbitant gaming experience. Gamers have actually reported the FFXIV deadly DirectX error to popular music up on their screen and cause disturbances and also even crashing the game.

Most the the median gamers space not conscious of exactly how to fix it. Multiple ways have been tried and also tested to fix this error. This post will tell you some top-notch means that gamers throughout the world use, To remove this problem.

What happens as soon as this error occurs?

A smooth game transition will adjust into an inaccessible screen when you challenge the FF XIV deadly DirectX error. For many users, a pop-up saying ‘A deadly DirectX error has occurred” appears. This freezes the screen for a while, the entire screen turns black. Finally, the game crashes and you need to restart it end again.

Why go the FFXIV deadly DirectX Error occur?

This pop-up showing up on the display screen is no a huge deal, yet the truth that it can be supervisor annoying and also irritating is a massive concern. This is not a problem related come the video game servers or connectivity. Ffxiv deadly DirectX error occurs mainly when:

Full-screen Mode: many gamers have actually reported the the game has crashed once they have loaded that in complete screen. The error appears as soon as the video game begins, sometimes before the game would also properly load.The SLI function of the game is Rejected: SLI technology allows the individuals to attach two GPU systems and produce one output. NVIDIA has lugged this an innovation into the sector to generate a an effective graphical output and enhance the gaming experience. Frequently the deadly DirectX error occurs once the user is trying to usage the SLI technology while playing last Fantasy.Outdated GPU or doesn’t support the video game Format: using an outdated graphics card might be the reason this error is continuously bugging you while you play. Or perhaps a graphics map of such low top quality that go not assistance the video game format.Game launching through DirectX 11: through default, the game launches v DirectX 11 i beg your pardon is a little problematic. Gamers have actually reported angry FFXIV deadly DirectX error when the video game is introduced with DirectX 11. This could additionally be among the reasons as result of which you are being bothered by this error over and also over again.

How to resolve the FFXIV deadly DirectX Error?

Whatever the reason is which is resulting in your game to interrupt, and also disturbing your playtime, after enormous research and also feedback indigenous the gaming neighborhood we have listed down multiple methods that will assist in solving this problem for you. We room sure that you will obtain your answers here.

If you’re may be to figure out what is the reason that is leading to this error, go ahead and fix the first. If you seem come be blank in recognize the reason for this error to repeatedly appear, we suggest you monitor these techniques in the order they are detailed below:

#1: pat the video game in a borderless window

If the concern is you playing the video game in full-screen mode, you can choose to beat the video game in a borderless window. This will allow you to move to full screen without displaying the error conversation box. Convert to a borderless home window cannot be done within the video game setting.

You have to make changes to the source files. Monitor the given steps in stimulate to move to a borderless window:

Go to File Explorer.Go come Documents > mine Games, and also open the Final Fantasy XIV folder.

Right-click the file inside the folder referred to as “FFXIV.cfg“, select open through notepad.Search for display screen mode by pressing “Ctrl + F” and typing “ScreenMode” in the notepad file.From there, readjust the worth of ScreenMode come 2.Save the transforms you made and also close the file.

Try launching the game, hopefully, the error will be fixed.

#2: adjust SLI Settings

Enabling SLI has caused plenty of gamers to face this error code and disrupted their gameplay. One easy means is to disable the SLI from the settings so that the error password stops bugging you. To disable SLI:

Make a right-click anywhere on your desktop and select the NVIDIA control panel.

Go to 3D settings > Configure SLI, Surround, PhysX > set SLI Configuration, and also disable it

Launch the game.

Hopefully, the difficulty will not persist. If the remains, follow the techniques discussed ahead.

#3: update your graphics map driver

If your graphics card driver is corrupted or outdated friend may challenge the ffxiv deadly DirectX error while you play the game. To solve the error check if the graphics map is up-to-date and, if not you will need to update it. By law this, you will not just have the ability to resolve this issue, however can also prevent many worries in other programs that call for GPU processing.

Open the Device Manager native the home windows menu.


Click top top “Search instantly for to update driver software” then follow the instructions accordingly on the screen.

#4: Run last Fantasy XIV making use of DirectX 9

By default, last Fantasy XIV launches v DirectX 11 in newer versions of windows. Some customers which proficient this problem tried convert to DirectX 9 in order to launch their game. Surprisingly this straightforward trick has worked for castle and allowed them to enjoy the game without disturbance resulted in by the error pop-up, display screen blackening, and crashing the the game. DirectX11 deserve to be switched to DirectX 9 quickly through in-game settings.

Go come settingsSelect device configurationFrom there, pick graphics and you will uncover the connected option.

You can also run the game with DirectX 9 by using heavy steam by adhering to the instructions below:

Launch stream native the home windows menu.After that pick library, (this alternative is obtainable in the toolbar), to access the video game listsLocate final Fantasy within the list, and also choose properties.
Manually entry dx9 in the box, click OK come confirm.

Launch the video game to check if the trouble persists. Hopefully, it will certainly be resolved.

#5: acquire Restoro

Another means to settle the error is to download Restoro repair tool from the Restoro website and install it on her computer.

After you run the program; it will instantly fix all troubles in a solitary click. Although it is a an extremely easy method to remove FFXIV deadly DirectX error and also will need minimal effort from you, and you wouldn’t also have to worry around anything.

You will need to buy the software program which may be a little expensive. All you need to do is pay and also fix all her PC troubles in the blink of one eye.


The means mentioned over can easily assist you resolve the worries related come ffxiv deadly DirectX error.

FFXIV deadly DirectX error sounds super scary and also since it renders the game crash completely and additionally makes the screen unresponsive, however it happens as result of some really small reason i beg your pardon we regularly tend to ignore.

We have gathered multiple remedies in the simplest possible method for you to get back to gaming due to the fact that we recognize your love and dedication towards it. Hopefully, these remedies will work for you.

If there room any much more trips and also tricks that you would favor to share through the gaming community, feel totally free to comment below.

Babar is an 18 year old introvert lad who loves to invest nights playing video clip games and also he loves come write. He has been into gaming due to the fact that he was 4 years old and writing always came to him really naturally. Therefore he combined his enthusiasm for gaming and interest in writing and also landed a task in a regional company.

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