The safe Castle has Artillery Welcome come the Star vs. The forces of Evil for sure Castle! This is a blog against the pedophiles the the SVTFOE fandom. We decided to do this blog because of the overflow of them in the fandom and also how they are unfortunately normalized. Our tag is #safecastle . Mode will post random SVTFOE ingredient sometimes. Pedophiles and anyone who defends them space NOT welcome. Us are also LGBT+ friendly.
Okay so this is in reality freaking hilarious:

So means back in the old job of SVTFOE, Daron had created a bunch of personalities to be friends with Star and Marco, quite much every one of them gift girls. She had actually a plot set up, their individualities written out, she was pretty lot ready to go and start acquiring the first episodes up and also running.

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Suddenly, Disney comes up to her and goes “Hey for this reason uhh… You have a good set up and also everything but… Marco demands some dude buds so he deserve to seem girlfriend know… much less feminine.”

You already know very well this setup failed so hard.

Now Daron had actually it all ready, and also now she has to develop two fully new characters and somehow acquire them into the plot. Together a writer myself, I deserve to confirm the it is quite tough, particularly when you have like 90% of your story assumed out and on paper. To meet Disney’s desires, she produced two brand-new characters, and eventually, they ended up being the Alfonzo and also Ferguson we recognize (and love, at least I do) today.

If the wasn’t funny to you already, this is whereby it it s okay funny.

So Alfonzo and Ferguson showed up a bunch of time in season 1, and the feedback on lock was… favor 50/50. You either loved them or you really couldn’t treatment less around them. Season 2 come around, and also they were just seen in the background. Just Alfonzo speak throughout the entire thing, and also all he also let the end was a tiny, calm, two-second giggle top top the LAST episode of the season. After see this, amongst other points in season 2, I came up v these two theories as to why lock didn’t display up as much:

1. Because people yes, really didn’t like them, the authors cut earlier on their presence.

2. Disney couldn’t stand how gay they were.

I honestly thought it was a combination of the 2 leaning much more towards the second one as result of the happy kiss in the elevator that almost got the entire EPISODE knocked down from gift aired ever before again or everything the setup was.

Now here’s what really happened, shown by Daron:

When season 2 to be being written, since Alfonzo and Ferguson weren’t originally in the plot, Daron accurate ran out of principles on just how to combine them into the story, therefore she placed them next in season 2 so the she might think of ways to placed them in season 3 and also so on.

Now… have the right to we talk about how Disney’s setup with Alfonzo and also Ferguson didn’t even work?

It totally failed, especially since Alfonzo and Ferguson barely also showed increase in season 2, and also TO peak IT OFF prefer WHIPPED CREAM ~ above A SUNDAE, the entirety bit v Marco disguising as a princess followed by the infectious diseases worldwide Marco Theory.

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TL;DR: Disney made Daron create Alfonzo and also Ferguson to make Marco seem less feminine, but because they were lugged up abruptly and weren’t initially in the story, Daron shortly ran the end of principles for them in time for season 2 and scooted them aside for the moment being if the fandom stirred increase the infectious diseases world fashion Marco Theory mostly after Princess Marco was introduced, making Disney’s plan flop like a dead fish and also giving united state these personalities for literally no reason, i m sorry is altogether mind blowing and somewhat boring but also the funniest chain reaction backfire I’ve ever seen in the background of cartoon production.

- mode Ashlyn

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