Episode 2 the 16 and Pregnant Season 2b functions Felicia Cooke, a half-Honduran high school student native Lewisville, Texas. Here’s a little background info on Felicia pieced with each other from many sources top top the web including her main Facebook fan page and her Formspring account. (Please keep in mind that this girls have actually a devastating time with people creating fake profiles on the miscellaneous social media sites. The 2 links below are legit and verified as Felicia or her official representative – anything else is most likely a fake.)

Felicia Annette Cooke was born December 16, 1992 to a Honduran mother and also Caucasian father. I couldn’t uncover out precisely where she was born yet she does state on she Formspring account that she to be born in the United states so i assume it was somewhere in Texas.

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Felicia Cooke blows the end candles on her 13th date of birth cake

At the moment of the filming that 16 and Pregnant Felicia lived in Lewisville, Texas, i beg your pardon is a suburb that Dallas located about 20 miles northwest of The large D.

She began dating Mauricio Alejandro Gutierrez in 2007 and also according to Felicia they an initial had sex when she was 15. The sexual relationship continued without the usage of birth regulate for a year and a half before Felicia uncovered out she to be pregnant. The couple met because Alex, i m sorry is the surname Mauricio walk by, was the cousin that Felicia’s best friend.

Felicia Cooke and also boyfriend Mauricio Alejandro “Alex” Gutierrez

Prior to offering birth Felicia to be hoping for a boy and also planned to surname him Jaylen Alexander Gutierrez, however when the stork finally landed it yielded a daughter and also the pair named she Genesis Alexa Gutierrez. (Alex chose the name, i m sorry beat out Serenity and also Henacy.) Genesis to be born at 12:06PM ~ above February 25, 2010 and weighed 7lb 2oz.

Alex, Felicia and also their newborn daughter Genesis Gutierrez

As evidenced in the clip Felicia’s mommy has problems with Alex and also there was a time shortly after Genesis’ birth that she and her mommy were concerned around his level of meeting to being a father. But it appears from recent short articles made through Felicia on Facebook and Formspring the Alex has actually stepped up and also the pair are quiet together! Alex is right now working together a barber in the Dallas area.

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On an additional positive note, Felicia graduated high school on June 13, 2010. She is the an initial in her family members to graduate high school and also deserves a lot of credit because, as fans the the display know, it is so daunting for teen mothers to discover the time come prioritize your education.

Here’s the preview clip native MTV that Felicia Cooke’s 16 and Pregnant episode, i beg your pardon is collection to wait November 2, 2010:

Wow! that scene whereby Felicia’s mom is knocking top top the restroom door questioning “What are you law in there?” complied with by Felicia’s voiceover narration saying, “But she doesn’t have to guess what goes on behind closed doors anymore,” is too much! and just in case you couldn’t number out for you yourself what Felicia and also Alex were doing in the bathroom there space plenty that racy photos online documenting it because that you:

To Felicia’s mom: HERE’S what they’re law in there!


In case the simple bio wasn’t enough here room some questions and also answers indigenous Felicia’s formspring that carry out a glimpse in Felicia’s take on abortion, obtaining married and what she spent her 16 and also Pregnant paycheck on!

Q: now that you have experienced motherhood, school, relationships etc. In ~ such very early age, what execute you introduce to these young girls around to watch your show and also think the you together a inspiration?A: well i deff. Didnt try to glamorize being a teen mommy so anyone who views me as an idol or nything is just completely missing a part of their mind or something! being a teen mother is deffinately not simple there is several work connected nothing is around me anymore its all around her now numerous money walk soely come her likewise its a large responsibility

im thinking about doing 16 & p however someone said me mtv trys to break the pair up because that the ratings , is that true ?uhm no entirely however they carry out start things

what do you typical start points ?they’ll put u come talk around a situation in yall’s relationship that will most likely start an argument

Alex shows off his pecs and tats in a cellph portrait

What’d you carry out with your money indigenous MTV?bought a vehicle

what kind of vehicle do girlfriend have?neon

would you do the display again?well i plan on doing teen mother possibly

if Genesis to be a boy what to be the surname you had picked out?if i had a young i wanted to name him jaylen alexander gutierrez(:

How numerous tattoos perform you have and what space they of and what others do you wanna get?i have one tattoo and also its just a small heart through wings u will watch it ~ above the show(:

I was simply wondering if you ever taken into consideration having one abortion and what space your thoughts about it. I don’t typical anything, simply curious that’s all. =)no never ever i dont believe in abortion in ~ all ns m the one that went the end there and thought ns was old enough to be having sex and also this is wat taken place so i believe i must take treatment of my responsibilities and also grow up

could you walk the rest of your life without having sex?yeah

I don’t think anyone would argue the Alex and also Felicia space an attractive couple!

Do girlfriend want an ext children? do you arrangement to have more? when would you prefer to have them?yes i do plan to have an ext and well ns on bith control right currently for 3 years and also after thats excellent i setup on having nother one

Do you watch Jersey Shore? If so, who’s your favorite? (:yes ns do and also vinnie (:

I’ve done posts on Felicia and also Episode 1’s Brooke Smitherman-Tarrant and I have to say the so much I prefer both of these girls! Of course my opinions could adjust once the episodes air, but from what I’ve seen they both appear to be grappling with the after-effects of your actions in a mature manner given their young age. Neither seem to it is in in rejection or hung up on lacking out top top high institution parties or in a toxicity relationship, although Felicia’s infant daddy Alex appears to be a bit of an x-factor as much as whether or no he is walking to completely “step up” for Felicia. But, evaluate from what Felicia is saying online he is heading in the best direction. What do you think? Have any kind of opinions on Felicia and Brooke yet?

UPDATE – MTV has posted a preview clip native Felicia’s illustration featuring her and Alex having actually a severe discussion about responsibility and the future of their relationship: