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Perk Every Level not working

» sunlight Jan 02, 2011 10:00 pm

~ a long pause I decided to as soon as play this game. So i updatet particular mods and installed additional ones. Unfortunately ns encountered an issue with Perk Every Level, it\"s not working. Can this be some mod conflict?Here\"s pack order:

Active mode Files:00 FalloutNV.esm01 neighborhood Bugfix Compilation Patch.esm02 TribalPack.esm03 much more Perks.esm04 Weapon mode Expansion.esm05 FOOK - brand-new Vegas.esm06 Lings.esm++ headgearfix.esp07 DarNifiedUINV.esp08 Readius_NV.esp09 FOOK - new Vegas.esp++ FOOK - Lings.esp0A PerkEveryLevel.esp0B much more Perks Update.esp0C populatedcasino.esp++ much better Binoculars High.esp0D QS_Blackwolf_NV_Backpackmod.esp0E THE5 Visors Mod.esp0F dD - magnified Blood key NV.esp10 much less Armor Degradation.esp11 less Weapon Degradation.esp12 Depth of check out IE.esp13 Fellout.esp++ friendofnightforfellout.esp14 Nevada Skies.esp15 WME - FOOK.esp16 Bashed Patch, 0.espIt\"s BOSSed, so there shouldn\"t it is in any significant issue v that. I understand that mods enhancing level lid can cause this problem, however I\"m not using any, ns don\"t even have Dead Money.I\"m puzzled.edit:I made decision to read FOOK readme a bit an ext carefully and it seems I have to readjust a certain setup in FOOK config menu.Is the Perk Every Level a bit redundant?

xxLindsAffecPosts: 3604Joined: sun Jan 14, 2007 10:39 pm
» sun Jan 02, 2011 10:59 pm

I\"m going to guess the the \"More Perks\" and \"Perk Every Level\" room conflicting, or the \"More exclusive right Update\" is overridingthe \"Perk Every Level\" since it\"s coming prior to \"Perk Every Level\".Try relocating \"Perk Every Level\" to be the critical \"Perk\" mod, or even try moving it to the end of the fill listEDIT: to let go your edit the an initial time around,if FOOK adds a perk every level, then a \"Perk Every Level\" mode isn\"t needed, and as you say is \"redundant\"
CYCO JO-NATEPosts: 3431Joined: Fri Sep 21, 2007 12:41 pm
If you have actually NVSE, you deserve to make the so you gain a perk every level by bringing increase the FOOK food selection (Hold \"O\").
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