Hello! If you have somehow uncovered this web page from a direct link, please be mindful that we are right now not agree unsolicited applications. We’ll leave this increase so you can review the process, should we accept lock again. Thanks!

We are trying to find candidates who space both writer and also game designer – who deserve to use choice, consequence and video game mechanics to develop a solve experience, and also produce quality prose. And we need people who can provide polished, finished work-related to deadline. It’s difficult to uncover those people.

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So we’re currently accepting open submissions! If you’re interested, review on, and also read carefully. Us can’t review or respond to any submissions that don’t follow this format.

If you’d prefer to compose for us, this is what you require to do.

Send an e-mail to writers
couchsurfingcook.com with:

The Pitch

Pitch an episode of collapse London content. It should contain an summary of the structure/mechanics, the choices and feasible outcomes.

It need to be based roughly one of the three adhering to themes:

the protagonist fakes their own assassination; or,the protagonist composes an elegy for the grand and solemn funeral that a previous opium-smuggler rotate legitimate; or,the protagonist becomes a lighthouse-keeper as component of some bigger scheme

We desire to see:

concise, evocative, clean prose in the collapse London voice;an suitable mood – eerie, blackly comic;familiarity through the collapse London lore and also setting;evidence the you have the right to use choice and repercussion effectively, in ~ a much more mechanically advanced level than basic branching story.

The pitch must it is in no an ext than 500 native long, but must include at the very least 100 indigenous of sample prose, in addition to the structural outline.


Q. What if ns haven’t worked on two pieces the commercially released interactive fiction?A. You deserve to write lock now! There space a number of cost-free tools available, and self-publishing is fine. We’ve done well hiring market outsiders in the past, but we must see a portfolio and know you can complete work.

Q. Is there a deadline?A. This is an open application process, though we can’t promise it’ll stay open for ever.

Q. I’m no based in the UK. Can I apply?A. Girlfriend can, but honestly, your possibilities are lot lower. Sponsoring visas entails time, risk and expense, and also we strongly choose to hire candidates through UK work-related visas. We’ll make exceptions for the outstanding only.

Q. I’ve applied for a duty with girlfriend before. Have the right to I try again?A. Yes.

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Q. What space the following steps?A. If we prefer your pitch, we will certainly (a) obtain you to work it right into a test item (b) market you an interview.