Hello! If you have somehow uncovered this web page from a straight link, please be aware that we are presently not accepting unsolicited applications. We’ll leave this up so you have the right to review the process, need to we accept them aget. Thanks!

We are looking for candidates that are both writer and game designer – that can use option, consequence and game mechanics to create a satisfying suffer, and also also produce quality prose. And we require world who deserve to carry out polished, finimelted work-related to deadline. It’s difficult to find those world.

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So we’re currently accepting open submissions! If you’re interested, read on, and read carefully. We can’t testimonial or respond to any kind of subgoals that don’t follow this format.

If you’d like to write for us, this is what you require to perform.

Send an email to writers
couchsurfingcook.com with:

The Pitch

Pitch an episode of Fallen London content. It must contain an outline of the structure/mechanics, the choices and also feasible outcomes.

It must be based around among the three complying with themes:

the protagonist fakes their very own assassination; or,the protagonist composes an elegy for the grand and also solemn funeral of a former opium-smuggler turned legitimate; or,the protagonist becomes a lighthouse-keeper as part of some bigger scheme

We desire to see:

concise, evocative, clear pclimbed in the Fallen London voice;an proper mood – eerie, blackly comic;familiarity with the Fallen London lore and also setting;evidence that you have the right to use option and consequence properly, at an extra mechanically advanced level than straightforward branching story.

The pitch must be no more than 500 words long, yet should incorporate at least 100 words of sample pincreased, in enhancement to the structural outline.


Q. What if I haven’t worked on 2 pieces of commercially publiburned interenergetic fiction?A. You can write them now! There are a number of complimentary devices obtainable, and also self-publishing is fine. We’ve done well hiring market outsiders in the past, however we have to see a portfolio and understand you can complete occupational.

Q. Is tright here a deadline?A. This is an open up application process, though we can’t promise it’ll remain open up for ever.

Q. I’m not based in the UK. Can I apply?A. You can, yet honestly, your possibilities are a lot reduced. Sponsoring visas entails time, danger and also expense, and also we strongly favor to hire candidates via UK work visas. We’ll make exceptions for the superior only.

Q. I’ve used for a role through you before. Can I attempt again?A. Yes.

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Q. What are the next steps?A. If we favor your pitch, we will (a) obtain you to occupational it right into a test item (b) sell you an interview.