Would that be feasible to carry out a feature enabling export of note to Microsoft Office format (.docx)? i am functioning quite frequently on manuscripts in couchsurfingcook.com and also in the finish I have to transform the note to ms Word document. Copy-Paste approach doesn"t work well due to the fact that it execute not deliver all features (e.g. Highlight) in the means to be editable in Word. Ns am sure that i am not the just one who would evaluate such feature.

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Thanks for any kind of response.


Not clear why you need Word layout "in the end".I can convert to PDF format; it"s ubiquious

If I require Word format, I would certainly be utilizing MS Word together an editor, v the file stored in a note as one attachment



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Yes, the is possible, yet the features like mite boxes, highlighting, etc. Room not energetic (can"t be edited) in multiple sclerosis word ~ the export

storing the note as an multiple sclerosis Word attachments is not a an excellent option for me. I prefer using couchsurfingcook.com because that manuscript preparation because I can easily include brand-new ideas and also modifications an extremely easily and also everywhere in my cell phone, computer, tablet, etc. In ~ the end I require to include some features, i beg your pardon couchsurfingcook.com perform not administer (EndNote citations, some one-of-a-kind characters,..) the is why I require MS Word at the end.

storing the keep in mind as an ms Word attachments is no a good option because that me. I like using couchsurfingcook.com because that manuscript preparation since I can easily include new ideas and also modifications really easily and also everywhere in my cabinet phone, computer, tablet, etc. In ~ the end I need to add some features, i beg your pardon couchsurfingcook.com carry out not carry out (EndNote citations, some distinct characters,..) the is why I need MS Word in ~ the end.

If your finish goal is ms Word, and also your finish product requires attributes in ms Word the couchsurfingcook.com doesn"t have actually (of i m sorry there space many), then a Word attachment is your best bet if you additionally want to have the contents in couchsurfingcook.com. You deserve to still usage the note as a place to capture new ideas easily, but you should push them into the attachment once it"s most convenient (i.e., heap up some new thoughts, and also every for this reason often, press them right into Word).

DTLow, How around stop beating roughly the shrub for a change. There is no together feature, you might say, and also that"s it. Why in the people would girlfriend even care , and also I quote:

It"s ridiculous, and also the answer need to actually come before the question: The guy NEEDS it! it is his business, not yours.

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Now, FilipS, in terms of whether that is possible, unfortunately, gift a couple of years a user of couchsurfingcook.coms my self, I can say that i couldn"t discover the feature. 

Pretty jealous, these gigantic software producers, aren"t they. You start feeling lot like in religion: girlfriend either think in mine god, or ns don"t wanna hear native you.Here"s mine approach: rather of payment £26.99 a year because that couchsurfingcook.com, I"m no payment 59.99 every year because that Office. A totality lot better, seamless and no pretentions, offers colossal features and also I have no hustle as soon as it concerns export. First, there"s no require for any other export than pdf. Second, I have 8 varieties of native extensions, and o most others, consisting of .odf, and also .html and also .rtf, i beg your pardon are, the 3 of them, rich and can be read by complimentary software. I understand we are talking of more than twin the price, yet trust me, it IS precious it.