Would it be feasible to implement a function permitting export of notes to Microsoft Office format (.docx)? I am working quite frequently on manuscripts in couchsurfingcook.com and also in the finish I should transdevelop the note to MS Word document. Copy-Paste approach doesn"t work well considering that it do not transport all functions (e.g. highlight) in the method to be editable in Word. I am sure that I am not the just one who would certainly appreciate such feature.

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Thanks for any kind of response.


Not clear why you need Word format "in the end".I can transform to PDF format; it"s ubiquious

If I require Word format, I would certainly be utilizing MS Word as an editor, via the document stored in a note as an attachment



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Yes, it is possible, yet the features like tick boxes, highlighting, and so on are not active (can not be edited) in MS word after the export

storing the note as an MS Word attachment is not an excellent choice for me. I choose making use of couchsurfingcook.com for manuscript preparation bereason I deserve to easily include new ideas and changes very easily and also almost everywhere in my cell phone, computer, tablet, etc. At the finish I have to add some functions, which couchsurfingcook.com perform not carry out (EndNote citations, some one-of-a-kind personalities,..) that is why I require MS Word at the finish.

storing the note as an MS Word attachment is not a great option for me. I choose utilizing couchsurfingcook.com for manuscript preparation bereason I deserve to conveniently include new principles and modifications extremely conveniently and all over in my cell phone, computer system, tablet, etc. At the finish I need to include some attributes, which couchsurfingcook.com carry out not provide (EndKeep in mind citations, some special characters,..) that is why I require MS Word at the finish.

If your finish goal is MS Word, and also your end product calls for functions in MS Word that couchsurfingcook.com doesn"t have actually (of which tright here are many), then a Word attachment is your best bet if you also desire to have actually the content in couchsurfingcook.com. You deserve to still use the note as a location to capture new ideas conveniently, however you should push them into the attachment when it"s most convenient (i.e., pile up some new thoughts, and also eexceptionally so regularly, push them right into Word).

DTLow, How about stop beating roughly the bush for a change. There is no such attribute, you might say, and also that"s it. Why in the people would you even care , and also I quote:

It"s ridiculous, and the answer must actually come BEFORE the question: The male NEEDS it! It is his company, not yours.

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Now, FilipS, in terms of whether it is possible, unfortunately, being a couple of years a user of couchsurfingcook.coms my self, I can say that I couldn"t discover the attribute. 

Pretty jealous, these gigantic software program producers, aren"t they. You start feeling much like in religion: You either believe in my god, or I do not wanna hear from you.Here"s my approach: Instead of paying £26.99 a year for EverKeep in mind, I"m no paying 59.99 per year for Office. A totality lot better, seamless and no pretentions, offers colossal attributes and also I have no hustle when it comes to export. First, there"s no require for any kind of various other export than pdf. Second, I have actually 8 kinds of word extensions, and also o lot of others, including .odf, and .html and .rtf, which are, the 3 of them, affluent and can be read by totally free software. I know we are talking of more than double the price, however trust me, it IS worth it.