Eva Mendes simply posted a no-makeup look picture on Instagram.

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The actress has 1.4 million Instagram followers and said she struggled to stay serious while acquisition a selfie.Eva captioned the photo, \"I simply can\"t execute it.\"

Does it ever feel like your Instagram feeding is an limitless barrage that selfies? Eva Mendes feels your pain. The Women\"s Health might 2019 cover star post a no-makeup-look selfie to Instagram top top Sunday through the ultimate relatable caption.

\"I simply can’t carry out it. I simply can’t seriously take it a selfie,\" Eva declared in the caption. \"So because that those who’ve asked, below you go and I’m sorry. And also for the others who never ever asked because that this, I’m sorry too. #NoFilterNoPersonality\"

In the selfie, Eva\"s do a serious face toward the camera, clearly not jumping ~ above the take self train. But her pendant disagree through the actress\"s Insta assessment. \"I beg to differ. No filter...ALL personality!\" one wrote. Another added: \"You’re for this reason real and so beautiful! Love it!\"

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The actress absolutely looks both real and beautiful. Her clear skin is all glow, and also I love to view her summer sprouts poking through. Part of she radiance could have other to execute with Eva functioning out 3 times a week through her trainer Johana Spates, switching between strength training and also cardio.

That\"s since exercise have the right to actually detox your pores—think that sweating favor the steam section of a facial. \"It dilates pores and pushes the end bacteria and also oil,\" states Elizabeth Hale, MD, a clinical combine professor of dermatology at NYU Langone medical Center.

Plus, once you\"re much more active, the reduces stress and lowers your levels that cortisol (the hormone that spikes as soon as you\"re feeling exhausted or overworked). When your cortisol levels are out that whack, it have the right to lead to an overproduction the oils, states Dr. Hale. Basically, the more you sweat, the fingerprint your skin.

“I’m envious of women who enjoy working out, due to the fact that I have actually the worst attitude about it,” Eva admitted to Women\"s Health. “My vanity gets me come the gym—and obviously health reasons—but I’m kicking and also screaming the whole way through.” Hey, if exercising helped acquire me the glow, I\"d save going back, too.

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