Total Divas star Eva Marie claims she was suspended through WWE ~ above a technicality ... But will take her punishment in stride and respect the company"s decision.

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Originally released on ProWrestlingSheet.

Total Divas star Eva Marie says she was suspended through WWE top top a technicality ... However, the wrestler claims she"ll take she punishment in stride and respect the company"s decision.

Eva released a statement to Pro Wrestling Sheet saying, "I am disappointed the this suspension has actually occurred, however understand and also respect that WWE upholds your Wellness policy to the letter and also won"t weaken on that integrity."

together we solely reported, Eva Marie to be suspended yesterday for a Wellness plan violation and also the firm released a statement saying this to be her an initial offense.


WWE superstar Paige and Alberto Del Rio were also suspended this week for health violations.

Eva adds, "I violated plan by not transforming in portions of compelled paperwork in the time framework WWE medical deemed timely. Ns look front to my return! thank you for your support.”


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