With over 8 million subscribers on YouTube, MyLifeAsEva"s inaugural fashion heat is around to end up being a hit

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Eva Gutowski, well-known for she captivating YouTube channel MyLifeAsEva, has quickly come to be one the the greatest vloggers, with much more than 8 million subscribers at only 22 year old.

For the past four years, fans have closely followed in addition to Gutowski’s addicting fashion, beauty and also lifestyle videos. Her contents spans from how to make it through your an initial high school relationship, her morning beauty, beauty routine, travel vlogs and also plenty more.

But now, Gutowski’s job summary goes far beyond “YouTuber.” In February, the star released her very first book, My Life as Eva: The battle is Real, an autobiography about the ups and also downs that her very first 21 year of life. She got into acting as soon as she starred in the easy scripted YouTube series, How to make it through High School, and also now has an also bigger achievement under she belt: clothing designer.

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Gutowski just announced the start of her seasonal clothing collection — called It’s all Wild — that’s influenced by the influencer’s favorite take trip destinations approximately the world.

The inaugural collection functions a mix that timeless, minimalistic essentials that deserve to be incorporated into anyone’s wardrobe: a standard tee, Bardot shorts, a neck scarf and also more!

“Whether you’re at the beach, walking the city highways or cuddled up in ~ home, the Adventure Is below collection has everything you need to look fabulous if doing it,” reads the website’s summary of it.

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“This is a job I’ve been so motivated to launch because that years,” Gutowski said. “Travel and timelessness mean every little thing to me, and making apparel that resonate with the contemporary it-girl is what i knew I necessary to do.”

Going forward, Gutowski to plan to proceed adding much more stylish collections, which will be called after the location the styles were motivated by. Her very first capsule is obtainable for pre-order top top ItsAllWild.com right now, and the pieces expected to ship the end by respectable 15.

Are you excited to shop MyLifeAsEva’s clothes line? Share your favorite piece in the comments below!

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