Clean your Humidifier Regularly

Remember to rinse the tank daily and follow the instructions regarding cleaning come ensure the the humidifier stays free of mold or bacteria.

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Safe Keeping

Humidifiers should be inserted on a firm, flat, waterproof surface at least four feet away from bedside and also out of the with of tiny children with the power cord the end of the means to prevent the humidifier from being tipped over.

Don"t end Humidify

Moisture in the air is good, but too much isn’t. If you begin to check out condensation ~ above the home windows or the waiting feels damp, the time to rotate your moisturizing efforts down a notch. Try using a humidity monitorto help monitor her indoor humidity levels. A comfortable and optimal humidity level is between 40-60%. Studies have actually even presented that maintaining indoor air in ~ a family member Humidity level the 40-60% reduce the survival of flu viruses top top surfaces and also in the air.*

Add Vicks reassuring Vapors

Adding vapors to her humidification efforts can not just bring earlier that unique aroma from your very own childhood, yet will also administer soothing scent the will offer your child an extra sheep of comfort.

Vicks VapoPads provide up to 8 hrs of comfort and also non-medicated vapors per pad. VapoPads have the right to be offered with most brands the plug-in and also waterless vaporizers. They are available in two scents: Menthol or Rosemary and Lavender.

Vicks VapoSteam to produce medicated steam that help to relieve coughs from colds when included to a Hot vapor Vaporizer or warm Mist Humidifier.

Hard Water and also "White Dust"

The madness water you usage in your filter-free cool mist humidifier (also recognized as ultrasonic humidifier) may have actually a high mineral content, especially if girlfriend live in tough water areas. The minerals in the water departure the humidifier in the type of “white dust”. Usage aDemineralization Cartridgeto aid capture the minerals prior to they space released into the air and settle on surfaces.

Filter Care

If you are using a filtered cool moisture humidifier, to prolong the life of her wickingfilter, revolve it end each time you to fill the water tank to help the filter age an ext evenly. That is recommended the you adjust your wicking filter every 30-60 days relying on water quality and also usage. If girlfriend have hard water, you may need to change your filter an ext frequently. Readjust your filter if you notice:

The filter is hard and crustyThe filter start to provide off an odorMoisture calculation is decreased

Essential Oils

Do no put vital oils in the tank of any kind of humidifier as the oil can damage the humidifier and also void the warranty. Just water should be placed in the tank the the humidifier. With many humidifiers, adding essential oils to the tank can break down the tank plastic and also ruin the interior parts that the humidifiers. Together an alternative, useVicks VapoPadsandVicks VapoSteamwith choose humidifiers to obtain soothing Vicks vapors.

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*A research by environmental Health and Engineering (Environmental health and wellness 2010, 9:55) reflects that maintaining air at loved one humidity levels in between 40-60% deserve to reduce survive of flu viruses on surfaces and in the air. Humidifiers can help attain and maintain this humidity level.