College Basketball - Men"sCollege Basketball - Women"sESPN FantasyMen’s clip Busted? ESPN provides Fans 2nd Chance; Women’s Tournament an obstacle More than Doubles
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Women’s Tournament an obstacle grows 103% YOY, sets brand-new all-time recordESPN second Chance game enables fans come restart with the Men’s Sweet 16Open now, agree entries until Saturday 3/27 at 2:40 p.m. ET

The 2021 ESPN Men’s Tournament an obstacle presented by Allstate, Acura and also McDonald’s has actually been complete of bracket-busting upsets in its very first two rounds. However that doesn’t average your opportunity at winning bragging rights and also a grand prize is over, many thanks to the ESPN Tournament an obstacle Second Chance game. Any type of fan seeking a fresh start can pick the winners for the continuing to be 15 men’s tournament games and also have a possibility to success a $5,000 Amazon Gift Card.

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Meanwhile, joining in the ESPN Women’s Tournament an obstacle presented by funding One an ext than doubled since 2019, farming by +103%. At the conclusion the the women’s first round critical night, just two perfect 32-0 base remained. The women’s tournament proceeds this afternoon with second-round games across ESPN, ESPN2 and also ESPNU beginning with Mercado an ar No. 1 seeds NC State versus No. 8 southern Florida in ~ 3 p.m. ET top top ESPN2.

Fans have the right to submit Tournament difficulty Second possibility brackets till Saturday, march 27, in ~ 2:40 p.m. ET, before the begin of the first Sweet 16 game in between No. 8 Loyola Chicago and No. 12 Oregon State in the Midwest Regional.

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Following space a couple of highlights among the millions of brackets in the ESPN Men’s Tournament difficulty heading into the Sweet 16:

A minuscule 2,920 brackets correctly predicted the 4 double-digit seeds that made it to the Sweet 16: No. 15 dental Roberts, No. 12 Oregon St., No. 11 Syracuse, No. 11 UCLA.6 USC to be projected to reach the Sweet 16 in 28.2% of entries, and only 9.0% have actually the Trojans moving on come the upstream 8.Of the 4.4% that brackets that predicted No. 6 USC and No. 7 Oregon would fulfill in the Sweet 16, 51.2% choose USC come win.Not surprisingly, of the 29.4% of base pitting No. 1 Gonzaga against No. 5 Creighton in the Sweet 16, 91.1% suspect Gonzaga will advancement to the elite 8.4 Florida St. Advanced to the Sweet 16 through taking down No. 5 Colorado, together predicted in 58.8% that entries. The only teams to be picked in more brackets than No. 4 FSU (8.9%) to get to the last 4 are the 1- and 2-seeds and also No. 3 Texas.4% that entries correctly predicted the No. 1 Michigan would face No. 4 Florida St. In the Sweet 16. That those brackets, 70.1% choose the Wolverines come win.About 250,000 brackets (1.7%) guess No. 11-seeds UCLAand Syracuse in the Sweet 16.The only teams choose to make the Sweet 16 in much more brackets 보다 No. 2 Iowa (77.3%): the 4 1-seeds, and 2-seeds Ohio St. (79.2%) and Houston (77.9%).

Percentage of brackets that appropriately picked groups to advancement to the Sweet 16:

No. 15 oral Roberts (4.7%)No. 12 Oregon St. (4.8%)No. 8 Loyola Chicago (7.5%)No. 11 UCLA (8.2%)No. 11 Syracuse (13.1%)No. 7 Oregon (14.6%)No. 6 USC (28.2%)No. 5 Creighton (31.7%)No. 5 Villanova (38.6%)No. 3 Arkansas (51.8%)No. 4 Florida St. (58.8%)No. 2 Alabama (73.9%)No. 2 Houston (78.0%)No. 1 Michigan (80.9%)No. 1 Baylor (81.4%)No. 1 Gonzaga (91.0%)