Central propensity error belongs come rating errors or come distortions of appraisal<1><2>. Follow to Michael G. Aamodt main tendency error is "a kind of rating error in i beg your pardon a rater consistently rates all employees in the center of the scale, regardless of your actual levels of performance"<3>.

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Reasons that occurrence

This error occurs when the evaluators are reluctant to use the too much ends that the rating scale. Therefore limiting the limit of evaluations and the opportunity of objective and also honest employee evaluation. Specifically susceptible to this error space five-degree scales, through exemplary extremes such together "outstanding" and "unacceptable".The effect of using such a range is to border the opportunity of evaluation and increasing the chance that every evaluated civilization will it is in in the mid-range of the rating scale. This makes it complicated to accurately explain the effectiveness at work-related when identify promotions and also pay increases<4>.

Some evaluators, instead of a lenient or strictness assessment, offer an mean score to every rated people, regardless of their really performance. Raters think that giving an mean rating is the best means to avoid any kind of wrong judgements. Part assessors believe that performance evaluation is a garbage of time, which is why the median rating because that them is the easiest solution<5>. The evaluators perform not prefer being also strict towards anyone giving low marks. In ~ the exact same time, they believe that nobody deserves the highest feasible assessment<6>.

Some assessment equipment encourage evaluators to commit a central tendency error, need them to administer written justification as soon as choosing severe assessment<7>.

Effects of occurrence main tendency error

Assessment errors suggest a case where the evaluator does no distinguish an excellent and poor quality the work. This errors cause problems when assessing by numerous people, if one evaluator is strict and the other will be assessed in the mean scale the the assessment, ultimately it will be taken right into account strictly evaluation<8>.

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The mean scores due to central tendecy error discriminate versus employees who achieve high scores and protect those who have poor performance. Together a result, the assessments come to be useless as a decision help for promotions, training or feedback come the management<9>.

Raters training

Some power rating distortions might be corrected by rater trainings. Candid J. Landy and Jeffrey M. Conte differentiate three species of training because that raters<10>:

Administrative trainingPsychometric trainingFrame-of-reference training

Other rating errors

To the most common rating errors in the assessment employees belongs<11><12>:

Strictness errorLeniency ErrorHalo EffectRecency of events errorSimilarity errorInflationary pressures

Disadvantages that ratings errors

Central propensity error and other distortions have influence on firm efficiency. It typically reduces effectiveness by<13><3><14><15>:

Company cannot identify strengths and also weaknesses the employees.Demotivating effect, for example when 2 employees doing same work with a various efficiency and they get the exact same rating.Worse relationship in between the manager and his subordinates.Excess or absence of the bonuses for efficient work.Increase in renumeration costs for the company.Lack the consistency through low efficiency