When we are calling some function but there is not matching function definition argument, then we get compilation error as No matching function for call to c++. To resolve this error, We need to pass appropriate matching argument during function call. Or need to create different overloaded function with different arguments.

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Check function calling and function definition argument data types. It must be same.

No matching function for call to c++ error

#include using namespace std;class A{ public: void setValue(int value); int value;};void A::setValue(int value){ value++;}int main(int argc, char** argv) { A obj; obj.setValue(obj); return 0;}


Here if you see we are passing Class object inside setValue() function calling argument. But if we check in setValue() function definition that we expect passing argument value as integer. So here function calling argument and expected arguments are not matching so we are getting error of no matching function for call to c++.

How to resolve No matching function for call to c++ error ?

Here we just modified setValue() function argument as integer. So it will be match with function definition arguments. So no matching function for call to c++ error will be resolve.


Whenever you are getting no matching function for call to c++ error then check function arguments and their data types. You must be making mistake during function calling and passing mismatch argument or you might be require to add new function with similar matching data type. After checking and adding suitable function argument change your error will be resolve. I hope this article will solve your problem, in case of any further issue or doubt you can write us in comment. Keep coding and check Mr.CodeHunter website for more c++ and programming related articles.

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