S3 · E1 · irradiate in Darkness

21 Sep 2016

Lucious pursues his music heritage with his streaming service,... More

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S3 · E3 · What stays Is Bestial

5 Oct 2016

Cookie calls in a favor through mega-superstar Kitty come record... More

S3 · E4 · Cupid Kills

12 Oct 2016

Things warmth up between Cookie and also Angelo, for this reason Lucious finally... More

S3 · E5 · One before Another

9 Nov 2016

Lucious and Andre room on high alert as they wait because that Shine... More

S3 · E6 · Chimes at Midnight

16 Nov 2016

Empire is hacked and the leak creates feuds between artists... More

S3 · E7 · What We might Be

30 Nov 2016

Cookie looks come Candace because that tips on exactly how to arrangement an elaborate... More

S3 · E8 · The Unkindest Cut

7 Dec 2016

Andre sabotages Tiana's large appearance at a fashion edvent... More

S3 · E9 · A heating system for your Foe

14 Dec 2016

Cookie make the efforts to aid Angelo appeal come the masses and win... More

S3 · E10 · Sound & Fury

22 Mar 2017

that this is mine life and in addition to me because that you finish never... More

S3 · E12 · weird Bedfellows

5 Apr 2017

Angelo provides an unsettling discovery and is involved that... More

S3 · E13 · my Naked Villainy

12 Apr 2017

Hakeem throws an epic 21st date of birth party and live-streams... More

S3 · E14 · Love Is a Smoke

26 Apr 2017

Cookie gives Lucious unforeseen news that provides him feel... More

S3 · E15 · polite Hands Unclean

3 may 2017

Angelo's connection with Cookie turns toxic and leaves her... More

S3 · E16 · lacking Child

10 may 2017

The Lyons fear that the Dubois family is come blame because that their... More

S3 · E17 · Toil and Trouble, component 1

17 might 2017

When Cookie is banned native Leviticus Vegas, she pulls... More

S3 · E18 · Toil and also Trouble, part 2

24 may 2017

As Lucious gets all set to launch realm Las las vegas with... More


S3 · E18 · Toil and also Trouble,...What’s the surname of the song where it cuts from the Debuois speak “Salud” come the Lyons in... More
S3 · E16 · absent ChildAnyone recognize the track play in the background once cookie slaps nessa please more
S3 · E4 · Cupid KillsI'm searching for a track i believe its indigenous the Empire. Lyrics go choose this "You're not... More




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