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Wrap me in a bolt the lightningSend me on my method still smilingMaybe that"s the way I must go, Straight into the mouth the the unknownI left the spare crucial on the tableNever really believed I"d be able to sayI simply visit ~ above the weekendsI lost my whole life and a dear friendI"ve stated it so numerous timesI would adjust my waysNo, nevermindGod to know I"ve triedCall me a sinner, call me a saintTell me it"s end I"ll tho love girlfriend the sameCall me her favorite, call me the worstTell me it"s over i don"t desire you to hurtIt"s all that I deserve to say. So, I"ll be on mine wayEminem:I got a letter indigenous a girlLet me check out it come you, goes like thisDear old rab my surname is ashleeI"m composing to girlfriend "cuz I"m hurtWhen civilization laughing at meI get made fun ofAll the moment at schoolThey call me fat worthlessSchool is therefore cruelI hate once lunch time comesCoz" i sit aloneI sit there with tears on mine facePraying to walk homeBut why walk home?All I perform there is cut my wristParents don"t treatment that I carry out this shitNo one loves me it"s likeI"m a item of trashI don"t acquire why god had actually to make me this fatNo one would ever before careIf ns took mine lifeEverynight I gain closer come the knifeAnd I need to say this all sound around rightI totally understand if you don"t replyI simply need who to speak toAnd friend seem to it is in a nice guyBelieve me or not but your musicReally help me contact me a sinner, speak to me a saintTell me it"s end I"ll still love girlfriend the sameCall me your favorite, call me the worstTell me it"s over ns don"t want you come hurtIt"s all the I have the right to say. So, I"ll be on my method Eminem:First off I simply wanna say many thanks for creating to meYour story ordered my heart together you deserve to seeThey will stop soon simply keep fightingBelieve it or not we remained in the same positionBut nobody would help me eitherEither I have to of listenedBut i promise we all have a visionWe are right here for a factor don"t girlfriend forget thatPulled what"s the issue whatcha becomeAnd let that challenge you your way to youngIf we can rebound remain strongWhenever your hurt simply play this songDamn I get so madSo who room they come judge?There is to lot hateWhere is the frickin loveKiss these days just try to deguise itBut not lug em backIt"s simply lost currently I wanna discover itI wanna avoid all this bullying shitCuz all it"s doing is putting innocent individuals lives in ~ riskYou wont a girl dead what"s the allude in all this! I lastly put it all together, but nothing really lasts foreverI had to do a selection that was no mine, I had to say goodbye because that the critical timeI maintained my entirety life in suitcase, never really stayed in one placeMaybe that"s the method it should be, You recognize I"ve led mine life like a gypsyI"ve stated it so numerous timesI would readjust my waysNo, nevermindGod knows I"ve triedCall me a sinner, speak to me a saintTell me it"s over I"ll quiet love friend the sameCall me her favorite, call me the worstTell me it"s over ns don"t desire you come hurtIt"s all that I can say. So, I"ll it is in on my way