Sometimes you"ve just gained to shake it off. In ~ least, Hillary Clinton appears to think so.

She showed off her now-signature dance move on The couchsurfingcook.comn DeGeneres Show top top Thursday, providing the organize her first sit-down interview since the 2nd presidential debate. Clinton insisted she didn"t realize she"d shimmied she shoulders during the an initial debate, however says, "Afterward I saw it and now world are always saying, "Do the shimmy, carry out the shimmy," girlfriend know?"

Now she knows how Cali Swag district feels!

Anyway, DeGeneres must have sensed that the presidential candidate wouldn"t want to totally let loose on air, therefore she provided her permission simply to sit back and relax.

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And! enjoy an absurdly remixed dance-off between her and also insta-meme red-sweater-wearer Ken Bone:

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Now recognize it. This made friend smile.

Mattie KahnMattie Kahn is a writer who resides in brand-new York.
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