The Brief: "Eat mine Rice and Cabbage" videos are growing on TikTok. The trend typically consists that creators dressing up as three characters hyping each various other up, choose in a freestyle battle.

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“Eat mine Rice and also Cabbage” videos are cultivation in popularity on TikTok. The trend consists of a solitary creator portraying pretending three associated characters, objects, or brand (like cell phones, Disney Channel stars, etc.). The characters hype one another up. That is performed to the “Eat mine Rice and also Cabbage” sound uploaded to tik by user
Itzmejoeyyy’s video clip dates earlier to 2016 and also featured a young girl singing the lyrics, “It’s true the I’m a poor b*tch. I eat mine rice and also cabbage. A** for this reason fat he desire to take it,” which shows up to have actually originated indigenous a famous Vine rap video from 2015.

itzmejoeyyy’s video clip also features a rap verse from one more young lady, saying, “See it’s true the I’m a bad b*tch. Yet f*ck that rice and cabbage. I was cornbread fed, collard greens, small beans, rice, instead.” Now, the audio is being used in skits throughout TikTok. There are at this time over 5900 videos attached to the sound.


I eat mine rice and also cabbage! #fyp #distancedance

♬ original sound – joeyysings

On TikTok, creators are using the sound to showcase a cypher between three objects, brands, characters, etc. This skits frequently feature the an initial two personalities hyping each other up, before the 3rd character makes a bold entrance.

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Here’s a skit by

I WAS also LIT make THIS!!!! #acousticcovers #got2bhome #rednoseday #SoapBop #fyp

♬ original sound – joeyysings

joshomz poked fun at Disney Channel reflects Hannah Montana, Wizards that Waverly Place, and also That’s for this reason Raven.


This is Disney Channel’s room of Fame, argue through your mom