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Dancing v the Stars Season 21, main 4 – LIVE BLOG

Nice to be house alone to clock a present this season!! Looking front to what kinda crap they will certainly let paris tonight. And, also, sending all my ideal wishes and also prayers to Tom Bergeron and his family.

T-minus 15 minutes!!

Great concept, however man, if anyone else had actually made that huge of an error?? Wow. What go they do to Nick with his Jive? Curious to check out the scores.

Okay, those scores are around right. Now…what happens v everyone else and is she in peril for following week?

Okay, i watched what Erin claimed three times around elimination and also I tho didn’t gain her. WTF??

Gary makes me smile. That is all.

Tamar watch gorgeous!! Dance was pretty good, but she still gets that empty look on her face.

CAI always strikes me as so fake once she pulls that crying BS. Talk about not connecting.

Has there to be someone that hasn’t excellent a rumba through the rules this season, Bruno??

That was a serious question – ns don’t remember there being one.