The magic of Disney had worn off this week, and also the stars took a spring break from delivering an excellent routines. As in academics, therefore in ballroom, the halfway suggest of a season is commemorated by feather break!

Spring Break, together a theme, did not work. It was mostly included in the complying with manner: a pair starts the end the dance sitting around, about to start spring break. They climate dance instead, all believed of the vacation forgotten. Bonus points if lock remember to slip in a reference to spring break throughout the post-dance interviews. It’s tiny wonder Len was much grumpier than usual, shouting “well done!” at couples prefer a malediction. Julianne commemorated spring rest by dying she hair a pink that’d do Umbridge proud. Bruno must have thought he was young again, creepily calling willow “hot” — somebody please volunteer as Tribute and also save her!

This week also featured what is normally this writer’s favourite gimmick top top the show: team dances. The groups were for this reason hilariously mismatched, it to be sad. Team YOLO had Nastia, Willow, Noah, and Robert, through a weak attach conspicuously absent. Much more importantly, the pros on that team won a merged nine Mirrorballs and also participated in a combined 50 seasons… and also had the undefeated Derek on their team. Team Trouble had actually Rumer, Riker, Patti, and Chris. Amongst their pros, just one Mirrorball and also 15 seasons of experience.

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Team YOLO go first, and for once, having actually Derek top top the team was not an advantage. Due to commitments in NYC, Team Captain Nastia was lacking for most of the week, while team dance superstar Derek to be MIA the entire week. Mark, together Derek’s ideal friend, contained Derek via FaceTime. Kym was also sweet come say anything, yet Sharna to be evidently no pleased at the situation. There’s yes, really nothing that could have to be done, yet it’s a shame since with this team they need to have had actually a spectacular team dance. Instead, their dance was… fine. It was good, through clean solos native everyone, and also a nice little of beachball-ography thrown in. Yet considering several of the spectacular team dances we’ve viewed in the past, this one wasn’t memorable.

Team trouble followed, and at least in rehearsal, they had actually it together. We’d additionally like to suggest out that Bachelor kris was the really last choose for teams… choose after a fourteen-year-old, a man lacking two limbs, and also a seventy-year-old that barely moves. That states volumes around how he’s regarded by the cast… about the same as we view him. The run would have actually been good, if not for Patti wobbling around separately from everyone else, and also the camera concentrating on her. However when Patti moves, the judges space euphoric, so both teams obtained a 39 out of 40. We think they just missed their 10 paddles throughout the night.


Talk of Patti, she is lastly gone, being got rid of in eighth place. For her last dance, she ambled around with one shoes on, netting sevens and also eights. Tough to imagine the scores she’d gain for actually dancing. Artem finished two spots reduced than the did last season. Now, prior to you fill your bags, let’s welcome ours stars!

Note: points room for separation, personal, instance dances, everyone gets +39 because that the team round.

First Place, 37 points: Riker and also Allison. The pair was in crisis due to the fact that Allison wouldn’t do a sexually explicit track with Riker. There’s a missed possibility for a sex-related awakening storyline below — or is that booked for women? Apparently, no song means no practice… though Allison might have devoted those job to to teach Riker actual samba technique. About fifty percent the final dance was impeccable samba, and half was Riker’s own shimmying run style. But all of it was done v a frenetic energy that delivered a great number.

Second location (tie), 34 points: Nastia and Derek. Nastia yielded a tango in ~ maximum power level all the way through. The judges came down difficult on her, demanding slow tango, much more connection, and different mindsets. It greatly came across as nitpicking because that the benefits of nitpicking, struggling to uncover imperfections in Nastia and Derek. In anything, the judges should have nitpicked last week’s “Love Is an open up Door,” i m sorry wasn’t particularly impressive.

Second place (tie), 34 points: Willow and Mark. Willow delivered a great salsa, even if the transitions were not rather there. For the very first time every season, the ide of the run didn’t work. Every one of their dances thus far had been high concept and also totally awesome, yet “Whiplash meets feather break” had trumpet-players gift distracting behind Willow. Then again, pasture is 14, and inexperienced in the human being of spring break.

Third Place, 32 points: Rumer and also Val. poor unfortunate souls Rumer and Val were stuck law a jazz routine to “Bootylicious,” and no one to be happy about it. After questioning the DWTS actors what “bootylicious” means to them, Rumer and Val created a routine that consisted mainly of strutting and booty-popping. Val and also Rumer didn’t like it. The judges (aside from Bruno) didn’t like it. This writer yes, really didn’t like it. Together Len, the lonely cup of tea, said, “It’s a ballroom, not a bedroom.” has actually he to be watching the last couple of seasons?

Fourth Place, 31 points: Chris and also Witney. kris went from zero come hero this week, ultimately dancing come the music, i m sorry was all anybody inquiry of him. Other than for Len, the is, who got greedy and demanded dance method from his Viennese waltz. The best component of the segment was the “Let’s listen It for the Boy” maintain montage. Between lack that dance capacity and likability, we suppose him to be sent packing in following week’s twin elimination.

Fifth Place, 29 points: Noah and Sharna. Noah’s rhumba to be exceedingly impressive — his hip motion was much better than most male celebrities. Over there was great rhumba contents in that routine, consisting of some an extremely nice sliding doors. In the rehearsal package, the emphasis was on one argument in between Noah and also Sharna. It was quickly and amicably resolved, yet Noah (ever the consummate gentleman) was upset on Sharna’s behalf, claiming the the video clip painted her in a poor light. Us hope the “don’t argue v me!” bachelor to be paying attention. It’s how amazing Noah’s scores are so low, when his dancing is as much as par with many of the others.

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Last Place, 28 points: Robert and Kym. Evidently, fast dances space not Robert’s forte, and he had actually the very bad happy to acquire the quickstep and also jive back-to-back. Kym is advertise him, choreographing great routines complete of content, and that’s worth applauding. Robert is qualified of all the dance moves, but can’t do them top top time… possibly a “Let’s hear It because that the Boy” montage is in order? Robert was in Not have to the Bottom two this week, and while us would choose to view him stay, this season is filled with surprisingly strong dancers. It will certainly all count on even if it is Robert can acquire a dance more in his comfort zone and also survive next week’s double elimination.

We are now back with weekly recaps that DWTS! So, room you Team YOLO or Team Trouble? did you execute anything funny for spring break? and also what go “bootylicious” typical to you?