If DVPROGRAM.STATE.GOV works, however you cannot access the website or its separation, personal, instance page, try one of the feasible solutions:

browser cache.

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to delete the cache and also get the existing version that the page, update the web page in the browser using the key mix Ctrl + F5.

Access to the site is blocked. clear your browser cookies and change the IP resolve of the computer.

Antivirus and firewall. check that anti-virus programs (McAfee, Kaspersky Antivirus or one analogue) or a firewall set up on your computer system do no block accessibility to DVPROGRAM.STATE.GOV.

DNS cache. clear the DNS cache on your computer and shot to access the site again. clock how-to video clip ↓

VPN and different DNS services.

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VPN: because that example, NordVPN; different DNS: OpenDNS or Google publicly DNS.

browser Plugins. because that example, the AdBlock extension, together with ads, can block the content of a site. Find and disable similar plugins for her site.

Electronic Diversity Visa Lottery forum

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Admin • comment pinned # Possibly, redirect from different versions is configured mistakenly on dvprogram.state.gov. In this case, usage the web links below: http://dvprogram.state.gov https://dvprogram.state.gov http://www.dvprogram.state.gov https://www.dvprogram.state.gov

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Guest • 2 days back # 13 September 2021 Website

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20226SO47TF3XO33 • 120 days ago # AHMAD ALAMIN ADAM HAMDAN

Guest • 128 days ago # 2022 visa status connect not functioning

danny • 129 days earlier # not working for hours,i make the efforts on different browsers

Goat-55 • 129 days earlier # not working may be 2022 check entrance status fill put down the site .

Name • 130 days back # not working

guest • 130 days earlier # The website isn"t working on mine side as well, starting 1200 EST

guest • 130 days earlier # under

sergiy • 309 days ago # second submit web page is not reachable

Guest • 309 days back # 2nd submit page is not reachable

guest • 309 days ago # 2nd phase of form is unreachable

G • 309 days earlier # Website

Guest • 311 days earlier # application on the second page of applications

Mupopa • 330 days back # can connect and fill in applications info.Upon submission get connection Reset error

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KM • 337 days back # error empty solution in 2nd page

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