A guide that reflects you how to finish the Crash site Jumping Puzzle and also Diving Goggles in Guild battles 2.

In Guild battles 2, the level 80 Dry top zone has actually a many goodies (and part Diving Goggles) because that players to uncover -- the is, if they deserve to solve the prospect Valley Crash website jumping puzzle.
This jumping puzzle provides the shattered stays of Zephyrite element crystals. Picking up this crystals offers you the temporary Abilitiesbuff, which enables you to usage the three various Zephyrite abilities for 15 seconds.

The decision that you will certainly be utilizing for the jumping puzzle is the Wind crystal, i beg your pardon is fancy blue and also gives girlfriend the aided Leapability so you can jump to brand-new heights. The expression of this buff refreshes each time you choose up another aspect crystal (including the sun and also lighting crystals), and can ridge to a max the 20 seconds.

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How perform you fix the totality of this puzzle? Let"s break it under in this step-by-step walkthrough. (And if you"re an ext of a visual learner or require a tiny extra help following along, there"s a video clip above friend can examine out as well.)


How to acquire Through the Jumping Puzzle

If you’re not already at the entrance to dry Top, you’ll desire to take the Dry optimal Entry waypoint. From below you deserve to either use the introductory facet crystals or glide (if you have it unlocked) come the Wind crystal on the little plateau.

Next, make your way across the void again, using assisted Leap or gliding, and get come the Wind decision that"s ~ above a little ledge. Leap approximately the optimal of the cliff and make your way through the gap in the rocks -- you"ll view a allude of interest on her mini-map wherein that gap is. If an occasion blocks the gap, Leap onto the ledge come the appropriate of it to bypass the vines (watch out for the ones the will attack you).

Follow the terrain until you get to an additional ledge the you have to Leap onto. There’s a Wind Crystal nearby if your buff ran out.

Continue going forward and also jump increase onto one more ledge. You’ll pass a crystal formation mining node and also eventually with a lighting Crystal. Pick it up and also use the lighting Pullability to make it across the gap.

Follow the trace of Wind crystals up the challenge of the little cliff, and also the ledge. The wreckage you watch to the right is wherein the jumping puzzle starts. Head over to the bottom the a triangular piece of debris; it nearly looks prefer a ladder, whereby there’s a Wind decision at the bottom.

Congratulations! You’ve made it come the jumping puzzle! now for the funny part...

Getting come the cool Chest

Before ns go with the step-by-step for just how to perform this, right here are just a few tips to keep in mind:

Gliding has actually made this jumping puzzle a entirety lot simpler (less fatality by falling), for this reason Isuggest you have it prior to attempting this jumping puzzle.Ensure the you have Double madness to evade turned offWhile you"re one of two people falling or making use of the Leap ability, you deserve to push the directional buttons to push your personality in a specific direction and also control your fall.

Use the Leap ability to climb the horizontal bamboo. Try to target for where they intersect with the vertical piece to avoid you from overshooting the jump.

Once you with the 3rd row, you have the right to either Leap approximately the larger piece of bamboo or Leap come the 4th row, then relocate to the far left or right and Leap come the rock ledge. Make certain you choose up the Wind decision so you keep your buff before walking increase the bamboo till you deserve to go no further.

From right here you must make your method up to the following crystal. Different people have different ways of approaching this part. Some use Leap, if others simply navigate the bamboo through jumping and also slowly walking follow me it. In the video, you’ll check out that ns opted for the last of this methods.

Once you have the crystal, you’ll notice two horizontal pieces of bamboo. Leap and shot to land on them or the larger bamboo simply behind them. Be mindful -- you deserve to overshoot this and fall.

After you"ve made it increase there, all you need to do is leap top top the ledge and claim the grand Chest. Upon getting to it, you should receive the accomplishment ‘Prospect valley Crash site Climber". Congrats!

How to acquire the Diving Goggles

Now that we have the jumping puzzle the end the way, it’s time to focus on those Diving Goggles.

Look up, and also you should see a kite with a small wooden communication just below it. The is where the goggles are.


If you’ve lost your Leap buff, you’ll need to make your method back under the jumping puzzle a small bit to obtain a brand-new one. This is less complicated if you have actually your glider unlocked -- if not, climate you’re going to have to be mindful where you land or you’ll fall to her death and have to start over again.

Once you have your buff and make it back to the top, you’ll notification two lengthy bamboo poles parallel come each other with some smaller sized bamboo attached come them. This is what you’ll be making use of to make your means to the goggles.

Hop on to the debris in ~ the bottom the those poles. Together you make your way up, push forward and shot to land wherein the smaller poles intersect. It must take you about two to three Leaps to obtain to the platform. You can overshoot up at the top, so be careful.

Once you’re ~ above the platform and have the diving goggles, you’ll an alert something. You can’t see the bottom that the valley anymore. That’s right -- you’re jumping blind. To do it even more fun, the body of water you’re diving right into isn’t right listed below you. You’re going to have to move when you’re falling to hit it.


You desire to shot and jump in the direction of the pole v the fishing net hanging indigenous it. when you carry out jump, make certain you’re pushing forward. You need to avoid debris, a cliff ledge, and a branch top top the way down -- every while trying come aim because that the water.

This may take girlfriend a pair of attempts, so be ready to die and also start end again. Sometimes, though, the game still offers you the accomplishment even if you died on the way down.

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If you have actually a mesmer friend, it might be beneficial to have them at the height of the jumping puzzle or where the goggles room for simple portal increase if girlfriend miss.

That wraps up our overview to completing the an overwhelming crash site jumping puzzle and getting the Diving Goggles! For an ext help v the game, check out the remainder of ourGuild battles 2guides. Happy jumping!