Order dried cleaning service from silver- Spring dry cleaners close to you — every with free pickup and delivery.

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1. Girlfriend Schedule

Choose pickup and dropoff times the works best for friend in ours mobile or internet app.


2. We Pickup

A Press distribution agent will certainly pick up her laundry during your booked pickup time.


3. Us Deliver

Your clothes come back clean and also wrinkle-free on your reserved dropoff date.


dry Cleaning Made basic

Trusted silver Spring dried Cleaning Service, now With modern-day Convenience & perks

Effortless Scheduling

Want to collection up weekly service? No problem. We"ll help you never ever worry around dry clean again.

Pay virtual in Seconds

Manage your push account and billing virtual from her smartphone or computer.

impressive Customer Service

We are here for you approximately the clock come ensure that your concerns or involves are answered.

We're maintaining Silver spring Wrinkle-Free

Press has helped give ago thousands of hours previously wasted top top laundry.

"This business is amazing! I hate dropping my clothing off to gain dry cleaned. For this reason inconvenient and also it wastes so much of mine sweet time. Push is a an excellent service and also I highly recommend. V a click the a button you have the right to schedule who to pick up your dry cleaning and also drop it off once it"s done! the is the easy, just shot it."

evaluation from Yelp

"Love this service! I"ve had nothing but a good experience indigenous Press, which I have been making use of for over 6 months now. Super easy pick up and also delivery ideal from her front door. Professional, punctual and friendly! One much less thing to cross turn off of my to-do list every week!"

evaluation from Google

"Press Cleaners has been a lifesaver because that me this year. Pickup and drop offs are always on time. Interaction is superb. My agent does a an excellent job - really lightly fragrant detergent and also folded for this reason neatly. And also you"ll it is in pleasantly surprised in ~ the reasonable pricing. Highly recommend!"

testimonial from Google

silver Spring dry Cleaning delivered at the Tap the a Button.

We think her time need to be invested doing something other worrying around laundry and dry cleaning. So we made it easy to schedule, manage, and also pay for your pickup and also deliveries from anywhere. So walk ahead and also say correctly to an ext time through the family, more happy hours, and more slapping the snooze switch every morning — we"ve acquired laundry job covered.

With totally free pickup and delivery, your doorstep i do not care the closest dry cleaner near you.

Have girlfriend been asking yourself, "What"s the closest dried cleaner near me in silver- Spring"?

If girlfriend stain her clothes, schedule a pickup as soon as possible. Leaving a stain on a garment for an extended duration of time rises the chance that the stain won't be able to be fully removed.

Check the end our Ultimate Stain remove Guide.

Percent the Weekly dry Cleaning 14%
Percent of Bi-Weekly dried Cleaning 70%
Percent of Monthly dry Cleaning 16%

We sell two different services, dry cleaning and wash and fold laundry. Depending on the kind of organization that you select, you will receive a black bag for dry cleaning and a violet bag for wash and also fold laundry. Your very first order will certainly return clean in the respective push branded bag.

Press offers a modern approach to dry cleaning by giving an on-demand style of service, much like you"ve concerned know and also love from services choose Uber or Lyft (but for laundry!). Unlike timeless dry cleaning delivery routes, i beg your pardon run collection schedules as soon as or twice a week, we administer an on-demand same-day pickup business with rapid turnaround times.

We want to work about your schedule, not obtain in the method of it. To view obtainable pick increase times, merely make one account, choose up a service, and also view the available times in the "Schedule a Pickup" area.

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Why execute you only offer pickup and delivery?

We think that your time, energy and also gas is more valuable than prolonging your daily commute or wasting a Saturday washing, drying and also folding laundry. For this reason we"ve created a means to have all her laundry and also dry cleaning associated chores tackled without ever before leaving her couch.

Time is a fleeting source and us think you need to spend more of it doing what girlfriend really want to do, and laundry isn"t one of them. So speak yes to an ext time with family, analysis that publication you"ve been definition to pick up, or maybe gaining a tiny extra sleep for once.

once are choose up and also deliveries? carry out I need to be home?

We choose up and deliver assignment 7 days a week, excluding part holidays. Friend don"t must be home during the pick up and also delivery windows, simply make sure that girlfriend state your preferred pick up location in your order details. Common pick up and delivery spots for homeowners room front porches, while apartment/condo owners have actually the ability to leaving it on your front doorstep or with their doorman or prior desk. Deliveries room made within 24 come 48 hours of choose up, depending on the time you choose during your order. To view availability, simply develop an account and also begin scheduling a pickup.

What different services does press offer in silver- Spring?

Our goal at push is to it is in the ideal laundry and dry clean provider in silver Spring so that you deserve to permanently inspect laundry off her to-do perform for good. We market the adhering to services because that our silver- Spring customers:

dry Cleaning

Our dried cleaning partners have years of sector experience, so you understand that you clothes will come ago clean and also wrinkle-free.

Launder & hang Dry

We will ensure that all of your delicates and also garments that require special care will be taken on neatly and also responsibly.

to wash & wrinkles Laundry

The weekend is for enjoying life, not laundry. Our laundry pros have been in the organization for decades and we"ll make certain your everyday garments are cleaned, dried and also folded for this reason you have the right to tackle one more day (now fresher 보다 ever).

Wedding dress Preservation

A wedding dress is an expensive garment that holds a lot of of great memories, and also properly maintaining your dress or gown will aid keep those memory intact.

household Linens

You should refresh your family members linens at least once a year. From couch covers to drapery, we can assist freshen up her home and also your wardrobe.

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small Alterations (Repairs and Mending)

We have the right to handle repairs and mending of damaged clothing, including absent button replacement.