Freelance writer and cocktail book author Colleen Graham is a jar mixologist who loves sharing her expertise of spirits and also passion for preparing drinks.

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Cocktails are known for their an imaginative and distinctive names, plenty of of i m sorry will draw you in and aid you discover a favorite new recipe. Whether you"re searching for a brand-new sipper to gain after job-related or the perfect recipe to complement a party"s theme, this cocktails, shots, and also shooters should be every you need.

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Sometimes the surname of a drink is top top the reminder of your tongue. You recognize it starts with a "B," but what to be it? From black color or blue drinks to famous standard cocktails, this is a fun arsenal of drinks.

"B" Shot and also Shooter Recipes

Many of the best party shots start with the letter B together well. Have fun with these and be sure to share a round through friends.

much more "B" Cocktails

Naturally, you"ll additionally want to check out brandy cocktails, where you"ll uncover old-fashioned favorites prefer the B&B, between the sheets, brandy daisy, and sidecar. Once whiskey"s on her mind, bourbon cocktails sell both new and standard tastes the anyone deserve to enjoy.

Banana cocktails always offer a very delicious indulgence, blueberry recipes room delightful, and blackberry cocktails placed a twist on the average fruity beverage. There"s likewise a whole bunch the "bloody" drink recipes when you"re in the mood because that something savory. And, once you desire to dazzle guests, blue cocktails are terrific choice.

Cape Codder.The Spruce / Claire Cohen

The cosmopolitan, caipirinha, and also cable vehicle are among the finest "C" cocktails. That course, over there are numerous drinks you may not have heard of, and also a new favorite might be right here waiting for you.

more "C" Cocktails

When browsing by ingredient, you"ll find impressive cranberry cocktails, tropical coconut drinks, and cool and also refreshing cucumber recipes. Add a jolt that caffeine to your drinks with warm coffee cocktails, or iced coffee drinks. It"s additionally hard come resist cacao cocktails in any type of form.

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For one-of-a-kind occasions, think about Champagne cocktails, even if it is it"s a funny punch or in a an elaborate flute. When it"s time to gain festive, there are numerous perfect drinks for Christmas.