Back to the Future — goku Black’s identification Revealed!!再び未来へ 明かされるゴクウブラックの正体!!Futatabi Mirai e Akasareru Gokū Burakku no Shōtai!!

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Thanks /u/Terez27!

Here's my theory as soon as it pertains to the timelines. I have actually only viewed the anime approximately episode 60 therefore it's what I've gained to work with.

It have the right to be proven the there are four distinctive timelines by the finish of DBZ. Future Trunks created a 5th timeline once he come to the current time in DBS. This would certainly account because that the 4 green rings displayed by Gowasu: four alternative timelines and the key timeline.

In 2 of the 4 original timelines, goku is dead from a love virus. Black cannot originate from these timelines since Zamasu never met Goku. Black color most most likely originated from the timeline developed by Trunks in DBS, a timeline whereby Trunks walk not return to the past. Son ogong obtains SSJB and also fights Hit. Zeno mirrors up to congratulates the fighters. Something choose the OmniKing getting here to a fight would spread quite easily among the Kais therefore Zamasu would be presented to goku that way, rather than having a confront to confront interaction as in the key timeline. Zamasu supplies the at sight dragon balls come create/become Black. Black color then provides the time ring and also one that the green alternative time ring to travel to Future Trunk's timeline. In this timeline is whereby he meets Zamasu, who provides (or has already used) the at sight dragon balls come wish for immortality.

This would certainly be Timeline #2 in the linked chart. In this timeline son ogong is dead. Zamasu, however, would still have his rage against "humans" and attempt to discover a way to exterminate lock all. That asks Zuno just how he can end up being immortal in order for him to finish his mission and also Zuno speak him about the super dragon balls. He gains immortality this way.

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Immortal Zamasu is a native of Future Trunk's timeline yet Black is not. That is why he needs the time ring. That is additionally why the was allowed to travel to the main timeline however was not allowed to continue to be there. The time ring permits kaoishins to go back to their existing timeline only. The timeline black color is from is no the exact same as the main timeline in DBS, however is branched from it. It's similar enough to enable Black to take trip to it because that a while without any type of real control, however different enough for the forces of time to control it by sending out Black to the alternative timeline the Trunks.