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Currently, the only means to play someone on a player"s friend perform (aside from simply luck) is to use the "ring match" feature. Those of united state who have attempted to execute this might already know about the worry that has actually been continuous with this method.

While do the efforts to sign up with someone else"s ring match, the post "no rooms found" will often come up. This has tendency to happen also when the ring enhance lobby is usually empty.

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This basically makes it difficult to pat a friend. A player"s virtual experience might be restricted to simply random matches v strangers for the moment being.

The good news is that Bandai Namco is already aware the this issue. Castle announced as lot over Twitter.

Apparently they room working tirelessly top top a fix. It will certainly be nice to have the ability to use the ring enhance feature once it is functioning properly.

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Unfortunately, that still could be a while till the difficulty is resolved. We"ll save an eye the end for extr announcements about this error.

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