Hello, just in search of a literal step-by-action overview on exactly how I must construct this type of character, I have actually already obtain Blood magic and also Arcane warrior specs. Just unsure which spells/sustainables are a have to for the AW/BM Builds, thanks r/Dragonage!


Quick action by action.

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once you lvl up, 2 points in Magic, 1 in Willpower, perform that till you reach lvl 7.

as soon as you reach lvl 7, (when you have the right to select the spec.) choose AW first, and also use the set that you grab from killing the bandit leader in lothering.

From that fwd, your objective is to have, about 31/32 base Dex, 20 base Willpower, 16 base cun (for coercion) and also 15/20 base Cons, everything else in Magic.


Why so a lot Dex ? Well, Dex is probably the a lot of necessary stat in the game, it controls a bunch of hidden off. and also def. stats, most crucial, raw deffense, and also the assault speed/hit ratio.


As for spells, you require all 4 from the AW tree, and also Blood wound from the BM tree, the other passives are, Rock Armor, Arcane Shield, Miasma, Flaming Weapons, Spell Wisp, and Haste, via this, you're going to be immortal, nopoint have the right to kill you, well, only you deserve to kill yourself via running out of wellness by casting from you life pool, through BM active.

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oh wait, foracquired the equips.

Helm of Honnelath (best all approximately helm)


Wade's Superior Dragonbone Plate (Insanely high fire resistance, mana regen bonus, fatigue bonus)


"Maric's arms" (combination of cailan's shield and also maric's sword, it will give you +5 to mana regen)


Andruil's blessing, crucial of the city, spellward, and also life giver (good all arounds rings/belts)

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I couldn't remember so I found this: https://www.couchsurfingcook.com/r/dragonage/comments/25d8zg/dao_awakening_help_with_attributes_spells_tactics/chg2u28/

Also as a idea I imply acquiring a mod that clears cool down on continual abilities as periodically after cutscenes your sustains will revolve off and be on cool dvery own and also exact same goes for relocating from one load area to another.

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