Season 8 illustration 1 - Dora and also Perrito come the Rescue

Dora and her dog sirloin to the huge River to save Boots. Air date : 18th-Mar-2013Read More

Season 8 illustration 2 - Puppies Galore

Dora and her pals accompany a bunch that puppies to rescue a young dog named small Boots. Air day : 20th-Mar-2013Read More

Season 8 episode 3 - capture That form Train

Dora and Boots do a train out of forms in Boots" sticker book, and also they run in to retrieve the forget steering wheel prior to the train heads because that the final turn ~ above the tracks. Air day : 3rd-Jun-2013Read More

Season 8 illustration 4 - Kittens in Mittens

Dora reads "The Three tiny Kittens" come Abuela"s brand-new cat, Lucky, and also jumps into the publication of nursery rhymes to help the kittens discover their mittens. Air date : 5th-Jun-2013Read More

Season 8 episode 5 - Dora"s an excellent Roller skate Adventure

Dora and also Boots put on their roller skates and take turn off on a skating adventure to open up Skate Park for everyone. Air date : 22nd-Sep-2013Read More

Season 8 episode 6 - Verde"s birthday Party!

Dora, Boots, and Verde the Clean-Up Truck have to clear increase a flood at Party Park over time for Verde"s date of birth party. Air day : 30th-Sep-2013Read More

Season 8 episode 7 - Dora"s and Sparky"s talk Adventure!

Dora help Sparky the horse feel better, and then takes him because that a ride before returning him come the barn. Air date : 2nd-Oct-2013Read More

Season 8 episode 8 - Dora"s Rainforest Talent present

Dora and also Boots put on their roller skates and take turn off on a skating adventure to open Skate Park because that everyone. Air day : 28th-Oct-2013Read More

Season 8 illustration 9 - Dora and also Diego throughout Dinosaurs

Dora and Diego travel back to primitive times and also go ~ above a dinosaur adventure. Air date : 30th-Oct-2013Read More

Season 8 episode 10 - Dora"s ice Skating Spectacular

Dora and also Boots must help the snow Princess defeat the ice cream Witch in a skating challenge in order come win back everyone"s skates. Air date : 25th-Nov-2013Read More

Season 8 illustration 11 - talk the Roller Coaster Rocks

Dora, Boots and also Abuela search for the mystery door come an amusement park. Air day : 24th-Jan-2014Read More

Season 8 episode 12 - Dora in Wonderland

When Dora"s kittens run with a magic mirror, Dora and also Boots end up in Wonderland. Air date : 10th-Mar-2014Read More

Season 8 illustration 13 - Dora’s Museum Sleepover Adventure

Dora brings a magic cape come the prince"s castle to rest a spell. Air date : 10th-Mar-2014Read More

Season 8 episode 14 - Dora"s Super soccer Showdown

Dora travel to Brazil come play in the huge Cup soccer Tournament against a team of soccer-playing monsters. Air date : 27th-Mar-2014Read More

Season 8 illustration 15 - Dora saves Fairytale land

Air date : 5th-Jun-2014Read More

Season 8 illustration 16 - Dora"s Night light Adventure

Air date : 7th-Jul-2019Read More

Season 8 episode 17 - Dora"s Fairy Godmother Rescue

Air day : 7th-Jul-2019Read More

Season 8 episode 18 - Dora"s Animalito Adventure

Air day : 14th-Jul-2019Read More

Season 8 episode 19 - Dora and the an extremely Sleepy be afflicted with

Air date : 21st-Jul-2019Read More

Season 8 illustration 20 - Let"s go to Music school

Dora, Emma and also Kate assist Gus the Bus take every one of the tools to the youngsters at Music School. Air date : 28th-Jul-2019Read More

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