Empathy and also Respect

Have you ever had a customer tell you just how to perform your job? While that hasn’t occurred to me, i don’t think i would prefer it. But, what if the customer was right and the employee to be wrong? What if the “suggestions” to be valid, if not even the right way to gain something done?

The various other day i was flying residence to St. Louis and arrived at the airport very early. I decided to try and get on an earlier flight. I’ve done this countless times before. Ns approached the gate agent and asked come be put on the standby list. That told me the perform was closed. I had never heard that excuse before. I have actually high standing on numerous airlines and also one the the perks the airlines sell to their frequent fliers v “status” is to paris standby for previously flights at no charge. So, I tested him, ever so nicely. I described that this was one of the perks of paris a many on the airline. He responded by questioning me, “Are you telling me exactly how to carry out my job? I’ve to be trained and also you haven’t.”

That was no what I meant him to say. Quite than gain into a confrontation with him, ns walked away, went to a various gate agent and also made the same request. I pointed out that the agent at the various other gate refuse to put me ~ above the list, and also I didn’t know why. Neither did this door agent, therefore he kindly added me come the standby list.

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I walked earlier over come the exit gate to wait for my name to be called. It turns out that i cleared the standby list and when i walked increase to acquire my new boarding pass, the gate agent that originally wouldn’t put me ~ above the list offered me a strange, if not angry look. Ns nicely told him among the various other gate agents included me come the list. He was obviously not happy. I just took mine boarding pass and also smiled as I go away.

No, ns wasn’t telling him exactly how to carry out his job. But, I will certainly admit to thinking that I probably should have. What ns really want to say to him once he said, “I’ve to be trained and you haven’t,” was… “You are right. Girlfriend did go v training, however you must have been out the work they teach customer service.” But, i didn’t.

My score is to it is in a nice and also courteous customer, and sometimes it isn’t easy. We’ve every encountered the employee who is simply not trusted or hasn’t been trained properly. That frustrating. That can even make you angry. I have written about this before. As a customer, we have to be nice. That doesn’t average we can’t was standing firm and also speak up because that our rights. But, we have to do it through tact and also courtesy.

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Sometimes customers will approach us through suggestions that nearly seem like they room telling friend what to carry out or exactly how to perform your job. Don’t take it offense. Lock are simply trying to obtain something lock think lock deserve. Sure, there room unreasonable customers, yet that’s a tiny percentage – hope very small percentage – the your great customers. As soon as a customer renders these varieties of suggestions, hear to him or her with empathy and respect. Then, law it as an possibility to supply an exceptional customer experience.

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Shep, in this case, your stepping off and speaking with one more agent to be the right activity indeed. That does seem that the very first agent just didn’t want to bother to take the very little amount the time from their day to job-related with you together a guest the the airline. Probably this person just doesn’t view the whole picture in regard come the fact that their project depends ~ above the guests and that you had actually other airlines to pick from. If your patronage go not average much to this person, then maybe they shouldn’t it is in a Customer business agent!