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Dolly Parton performed a sold-out show at the Hollywood bowl in Los Angeles.

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Dolly Parton turned 70 in January and has to be celebrating the milestone in high style – through scoring her very first Number One album ~ above Billboard’s Top country Albums chart in 25 years with Pure & an easy and launchingher most substantial tour in 2 decades. The Pure & straightforward Tour closeup of the door its third leg critical night in ~ the Hollywood bowl in Los Angeles. Parton will begin a 4th leg November 15th and, as she showed in the second of two sold-out two-and-a-half-hour concerts at the Bowl, the legend is still at her absolute best.

As everyone who has seen the consummate experienced can attest, there are no “worsts” throughout Parton’s mirrors – however here room the six best parts of she Hollywood bowl blowout.

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Her feeling of HumorAny Parton fan knows her present is nearly as much around her story as that is around the music. She trotted out specific lines that the diehards know by heart, including, of course, “It costs a lot come look this cheap,” as well as jokes about her age: “I was thinking about my new tour bus and how that beat the tar the end of the spanned wagon I started out in.” but even the acquainted jokes acquired a brand-new sheen critical night through dint of her self-deprecation, her charming decision to entertain, and the endearing feeling that she never ever took herself also seriously. Parton’s mantra seems to it is in “Life is hard. It’s a lot easier if you deserve to laugh at yourself and also with others follow me the way.”

Her As-Advertised ProductionAdhering come the Pure & basic theme, the production and also stage style were minimalist, featuring number of gathered floor-to-ceiling white curtains with different colors projected ~ above them and also adorned v a few strands the lights. That’s it. Instead of her complete band, Parton to be accompanied by a trio –keyboardist Richard Dennison, guitarist-banjo player Kent Wells and bassist Tom Rutledge – and, one occasional north machine, which, Parton spicy out, she acquired on sale for $300.

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Her VoiceEven a head cold, severe sufficient that she had a few Kleenex stations set up top top stage, couldn’t slow-moving her down. Parton’s voice remains a supple, an effective marvel full of the vibrato she’s recognized for, but last night, there to be a chilling beauty come it on songs such as the heartbreaking “Little Sparrow,” gospel conventional “Precious Memories” and also murder ballad “Banks of the Ohio” the was spine-tingling. For all of the las vegas revue-style patter, there were moments that exquisite raw musicality therefore delicate, however commanding, the the appreciative audience to be left breathless and in awe of Parton’s undiminished vocal prowess.

Her MusicianshipParton is a one-woman band. At various points throughout the evening, she play acoustic and electric guitar, piano, fiddle, dulcimer, penny whistle, banjo, autoharp, harmonica and also a saxophone. All bedazzled in rhinestones, that course. Together she joked, “I leaving no rhinestone unturned.”

Her MessageMaybe it’s because she has constantly attracted a big gay following, however there is no other nation artist as embracing of she LGBTQ fans. Last night, she as soon as again emphasize that blog post in an inclusive, never preachy way. As she comically ogled she assistant, Steve, that came the end in a sleeveless T-shirt and really tight jeans, she declared, “He’s handsome, ain’t he, girls?” climate she waited a beat, prior to adding, “He’s pretty, ain’t he, boys?” to hoots and hollers. On a much more serious note, after she talked around being proud of her roots, she added, “Never it is in ashamed of who you are, the what you room … Love who you are.”