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Ped Egg aided make at house removing dead skin popular with their manual callus remover by the very same name. The worked similar to a cheese grater and also continued effort on your part would aid remove unsightly cracked heels and dry skin. Girlfriend will most likely remember your advertisements questioning you:

Are girlfriend embarrassed through ugly feet in sexy sandals?

Ped Egg are back at that again v the Ped Egg Power. And this time the callus remover does all the work-related for you. But is the Ped Egg Power any kind of good?

Spoiler: that sucks.

If girlfriend are trying to find a an excellent yet affordable electric callus remover, there are much better options. The Emjoi Micro-Pedi Nano we reviewed is the best budget callus remover. If you have actually a bit an ext cash to invest I recommend exploring the Amope Pedi Perfect that we likewise tested.

If girlfriend want much more details ~ above what we didn’t like about this callus remover then check out on!

Unboxing the Ped Egg Power

Like plenty of other electric callus removers, the Ped Egg strength comes in plastic clamshell packaging:


Normally ns dislike this form of packaging. Although it looks pretty on the shelf, the is darn difficult to open. So complicated in fact that attempting to open up it can offer you the really calluses the the product is designed come remove.

I to be pleased the the packaging had a perforated opened on the rear, permitting me to open the packaging through my ceiling hands.


This is what will certainly be wait for girlfriend in the box of her brand new Ped Egg Power:


Lets rest it down:

Ped Egg strength handleCoarse roller headScouchsurfingcook.comth roller headInstruction Manual

In package there was likewise a “special mail-in offer” on instead of rollers for $9.99 to add postage and handling. Overlook this, you can pick instead of rollers up in stores or online at a cheaper price.

Examining the Ped Egg Power

The an initial feeling you will have actually when you lay her eyes ~ above the Ped Egg strength is cheap and nasty. I have reviewed every the major brands of electric callus removers and also this was the very first to make me cringe.

You won’t need to look to very closely to watch that the plastic is of negative quality. The edges space rough and the base on mine even had a sharp bur. Even the logo design isn’t straight:


Off come a an excellent start.

Located front and also center top top the Ped Egg Power handle is the power button:


As you would expect, you on slide the button up to rotate it on and also down to turn it off.

Sliding the switch feels loose and unresponsive. Over there isn’t even a locking feature to protect against the Ped Egg pro from turning on by mistake.

Further down the take care of you will discover a second button:

This is the battery cover relax button. Pressing down through your thumb and also pulling the base v one hand if holding the optimal of the unit v the other will see the battery sheathe slide right off.

With the cover gotten rid of the battery compartment is revealed, allowing you to install the batteries:

Ped Egg has chosen not to encompass batteries in the compartment. Which method you are either going to need to rush out to the save to buy part or raid her TV remote.

The Ped Egg Power calls for to AA batteries to run. If you setup on it commonly then i recommend Investing in part rechargeable AA batteries and also a charge. Doing for this reason will conserve you money in the lengthy run.

The behind of the Ped Egg pro is just a plain section the plastic, v the brand name clearly visible:

Let’s take it a closer look at the star the the unit, the outlet roller head:

If girlfriend look closely you will certainly noticed coarse minerals wrapped roughly a blue drum (the roller), favor sand paper. Once you rotate the power on the drum will start to promptly spin and grind away at your dead skin.

The surface area that the roller is the the smallest out of all the different callus removers that ns tested. On it’s own this would certainly not be a problem, however the roller additionally sits recessed below the plastic sides:

The plastic political parties will prevent the roller native making appropriate contact through your skin at particular angles. Coupled with the tiny sized roller and you obtain a callus remover that is not very effective for going over larger areas of her skin.

Located top top the next of the Ped Egg power is a small oval button:

If you host down this button and pull upwards on the roller head friend will have the ability to remove the from the handle. The process isn’t specifically scouchsurfingcook.comth and the head will often put increase a fight once you shot and pull it out.

Usually electrical callus removers covers two different parts,a roller and also roller holder. The roller head top top the Ped Egg strength is a single piece.

Usually electrical callus removers consists two various parts,a roller and roller holder. The roller head top top the Ped Egg strength is a solitary piece. In our experimentation we i found it a pattern. Callus removers through this layout of head carry out worse 보다 those that supplied the roller and holder design.

You may have actually noticed that Ped Egg has had two various roller heads in the box:

The blue roller head is the coarser of the two. Ped Egg calls it the Nano Abrasion roller and is provided for basic callus removal.

The purple roller is designed come scouchsurfingcook.comth your skin. You have to use the scouchsurfingcook.comthing roller after making use of the blue roller to scouchsurfingcook.comth any kind of jagged or coarse pieces of skin left behind. Truth be told, that is likely that you will never ever use this roller.

Replacement roller heads

With continued use the roller head will begin to stay down. When you an alert your Ped Egg powers performance begin to suffer you will should purchase a replacement roller.

Just just how long every roller lasts will completely depend ~ above the coarseness of your skin and also how often you use it.

You will must be mindful the you will be locked into buying replacement rollers for as lengthy as you continue to use the device.

A crate of 3 replacement rollers price as lot as the totality Ped Egg strength unit. You would think the a cheaper callus remover would have actually cheaper refills available. Regrettably this just isn’t the case.

The refill pack contains two blue Nano Abrasion rollers and one violet scouchsurfingcook.comthing roller. Ns would have liked to watch a pack obtainable with 3 blue rollers, because the violet roller will certainly be of no usage to numerous people.

Testing the Ped Egg Power

With batteries installed it to be time to take the Ped Egg pro for a test-drive.

The Ped Egg agree feels like it looks. Cheap and nasty. The bottom the the manage was so roughly finished that it scratched me together I slide my hand end it. Fortunately ns was able to record down spicy edge by to run a roller head ago and forth over it.

When you revolve the power on you are greeted v an irregular grind sound. While other brands of electric callus gets rid of sound loud and powerful, the Ped Egg strength sounds like it is sick and dying.

Roller come foot, the Ped Egg strength was capable of removing special calluses, albeit slowly. Some testers complained that the standard roller was too coarse for their sensitive skin.

The political parties of the roller head really got in the means depending on the angle that you held the roller at and the little surface area that the roller do buffing the heels a longer process than we experience with bigger rollers.

Pressing down too difficult with the roller will check out it stop. While many users complain about this, the is in reality a safety and security measure to avoid you native grinding your skin to the bone. This feature is discovered on virtually all electric callus removers.

While the box claims that the roller spins at over 2000 times a minute, we found the Ped Egg power much longer to remove skin than various other brand name callus removers.

When you use your Ped Egg power you may an alert what shows up to be smoke comes from the head that the unit. Nothing worry, this is actually fine seed of skin dust that has been grinded off her foot.

After testing the Ped Egg power it instantly became clear simply how valuable the vents room on various other callus removers. Without them, skin dust build up inside the unit.

After usage there to be a generous develop up that skin left behind the roller head which had to be cleaned out. Since you cannot to wash the Ped Egg Power, removed this build up was rather difficult.

While the Ped Egg power is hardly good looking, it conveniently gets worse with use. The plastic ~ above the handle scratches easy and also the logo starts to fade after just a couple of weeks the use.

Final Thoughts

The Ped Egg power is a fine instance of getting what you salary for. The cheapest brand name electrical callus remover on the market failed to impress.

Where perform I begin? The Ped Egg power is do of bad quality plastic, the roller head is ineffective and also skin dust builds up inside the unit.

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A an extremely poor initiative from Ped Egg. If you want to see Ped Egg’s much better attempt (but not perfect) at an electrical callus remover then check out our review on the Ped Egg Powerball.