From taking treatment of her plants to your own health, neem oil is a hero ingredient found in miscellaneous products, consisting of medicines, pesticides, and also essential oils.

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Not just that, but neem oil has actually a lengthy traditional background of various medicinal and also skincare uses.


With so plenty of benefits under that bag, neem oil is a staple in several families worldwide.

However, over there is one typical question around this star ingredient: just how long does neem oil last? Or, if neem oil deserve to actually walk bad?

Surely neem oil is no immune to expiry. Utilizing expired neem oil on her skin have the right to lead to disadvantage skin conditions. Hence, that is essential that you know the right method of storing your neem oil so regarding extend that lifespan.

To know more about the shelf life and storage the neem oil, please continue reading.

How lengthy Does Neem Oil Last? does Neem Oil walk Bad?


Neem oil does go bad. They generally come through a “best before,” date.

As the ascendancy of ignorance goes, make sure to inspect the expiry date prior to buying your neem oil. When you lug it home, you can store it in your pantry, far from direct sunlight.

Generally, unopened neem oil has a minimum shelf life of around one year in ~ room temperature. However, girlfriend can prolong its shelf life.

An even better way to keep your neem oil is come refrigerate it. Refrigerating your neem oil will certainly generally extend its shelf life by as much as 2-3 years.

If you want your neem oil to critical you for years, make sure to buy just pure and also cold-pressed neem oils.

Good quality neem oil commonly comes in dark glass bottles. They have to last you for anywhere between 18 months to 2 years, provided that you save them in a cool place, away from straight sunlight.

When it concerns pure neem oil, it can retain its potential in temperatures at roughly 40°F. Also, keep in mind that neem oil tends to harden at chillier temperatures (usually listed below 77°F). Yet don’t worry! solidified neem oil is still safe for use.

In fact, coagulation neem oil expand its shelf life and makes it less likely to revolve bad. Hence, if you had actually to to buy neem oil in bulk at the sale, girlfriend can conveniently let that harden in the fridge and also store it for as much as 3 years.

As for homemade neem oil, the warehouse instructions and shelf life continue to be the same.

Additionally, once it involves a blended solution of neem, make certain to use the equipment within 8-10 hours. ~ this, neem oil will start breaking down and lose its effectiveness.

How to Tell if Neem Oil is Bad?


Neem oil have the right to turn rancid if friend don’t store it properly. The fatty molecules in neem oil tend to breakdown after a certain period, which at some point makes the neem oil rancid.

Even more, this process is raised by consistent exposure come heat, air, and also light. This is why that is encourage to store your neem oil airtight in a cool place.

Rancid neem oil loses most of its healthy properties, making that unfit for use. If you use rancid neem oil on your skin, friend may build some skin allergies choose swelling, hives, or redness.

Additionally, mixing rancid neem oil in your pesticides might negatively influence your plants and also may even kill them.

Hence, if your bottle of neem oil has actually been sitting in her pantry for the longest time, you must inspect for signs of spoilage in your neem oil.

Now comes the exciting part. Here are part tips the you can use to inspect if your neem oil has gone bad:

Firstly, you can use your sight to examine for indicators of spoilage. Neem oil comes in various colors varying from gold yellow to dark brown and sometimes also red. Hence, the finest thing you can do is examine for any type of discoloration or cloudiness. If you discover any, it way your neem oil has actually likely unable to do bad.You can likewise compare your neem oil’s present color to just how it was when you very first bought it.



Other than working as a pesticide and also fungicide top top plants, neem oil has a wide range of benefits on her skin as well. Neem oil have the right to treat wrinkles, dry skin problems, acne, wounds and stimulate collagen production.

You can discover this star ingredient in various products like toothpaste, hair oil, supplements, lotions, cosmetics, etc.

You can additionally find it in that is pure and also potent kind in party at the supermarket. Or, friend can even make neem oil at the lull of your very own home.

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Regardless, make sure to store it in a cool place at all times, in an airtight jar. Unfamiliar color and also odd aroma is the crucial to identifying rancid neem oil.