Tattoo popularity demonstrates a rise throughout recent decades, particularly with our younger generation. A 2018 examine by Statista says that 46 percent that Americans have one. If you’re planning on authorized this statistic, research the effects they can have ~ above bodily features in advance.

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The hair follicle is located in the dermis, thus, in the same ar where ink is deposited. It can be natural, then, to question whether the inking process could prevent hair growth. Yet, yes no require to worry — it shouldn’t do.

Tattoos shouldn’t influence hair follicles and also prevent hair growth because of a couple of reasons:

Ink pigment particles room deposited in the dermis class of skin
The hair follicle source is situated deeper down
Understanding exactly how hair follicles work and grow will enable us to view why tattoos won’t directly affect their growth.

A hair follicle deserve to be defined as a framework of cells and tissue that extends approximately the hair follicle. It’s located in the epidermis skin layer.

The root of the hair grows from the really bottom the this follicle, deep in the dermis class of skin. That is root is composed of protein cells that are cultivated by blood vessels.

A cycle of cell growth promotes continuous hair growth. The hair rises with the dermis and epidermis skin layers through growth.

Each hair will certainly permeate and also fall out, yet in its life, the experiences 4 cycles:

Anagen — the expansion phase — numerous to seven years
Catagen — the change phase — a couple of months
Telogen — the resting stage — several months
Exogen — the telogen phase — new hair grow continuously
A hair follicle will additionally store melanin:

Eumelanin — a significant presence of this pigment results in darker hair
Pheomelanin — the existence of this pigment outcomes in red hair

Tattoo an approach and your Skin

Our skin is complicated, and creating a long-term tattoo needs a appropriate procedure — a needle pierces with the skin, and pigment is inserted into the dermal layer.

Now, you may be thinking, well, isn’t that the same place in which the hair follicle is located?

Let us explain.

The location of the hair follicle is significantly deeper down than the deposition of the tattoo ink. Thus, it won’t affect nor hinder hair growth.


Tattoo artists have to shave the area in which they’re around to tattoo therefore they deserve to work an ext precisely and see much more clearly.

Ingrown Hairs and Tattoos

The Science

Be wary of ingrown hairs and also tattoos. While her fresh octopus won’t straight stunt hair growth, the tattooing needle deserve to inadvertently poke down hair into the skin during the tattooing procedure, resulting in the opportunity of structure hairs.

Alternatively, ingrown hair can additionally be caused by either yourself or your tattoo artist together the hair is shaven far from the area the is about to it is in tattooed.

Hair development from a hair follicle need to push upwards and also outwards. Ingrown hairs lose this capacity and also grow sideways or curl back within the skin layers.

The hair follicle i do not care inflamed — they’re frequently red and also bumpy and may reason some discomfort. They can appear around areas such together the legs, chest, back and armpit.

Can friend spot the structure hair?

Note the if they’re existing in the tattoo area, you need to avoid:

Irritating the area
Excessive touching
Harsh products
act so can damage the tattoo and also cause distortion or fading.

Pimples from Tattoos

Tattoos shouldn’t impact your hair follicles and also the growth of hair they incubate. Salary attention, though, come the other side the the spectrum: pimples.

These pesky points are led to by an infection in the hair follicle. A fresh tattoo is a fragile thing, and also thus, spots around the area could cause some irritation. Shot to prevent scratching or popping at any type of pimples and don’t apply any kind of aftercare lotion/moisturizer the is likely to clog pores, such together petroleum-based products.

The finest tattoo odor I’ve ever before personally offered is a vegetable aftercare product calledAfter Inked Tattoo Aftercare Lotion. This stuff works amazingly well throughout the healing process; not only by keeping your tattoo yes, really well hydrated but additionally by soothing any type of annoying itching and also irritation. Once using that from the an extremely start the the heal process, this scent will aid to to decrease tattoo healing times and work in the direction of eliminating anylingering dryness and also scabbing.

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No hazard to the Follicles

It’s perfectly organic to be pertained to about feasible effects tattoos might have once it pertains to your body. Don’t be concerned around tattoos affect hair follicles and also obstructing hair growth. Lock won’t. Yet, perform be conscious that wake up in the hair follicles can cause ingrown hairs and pimples to type around and also over your tattoo.